Letters From The Bowes Brothers – Feb. 21, 1916 Bramshott Camp

December 25, 2012 by Tom MacGregor

Dear Mother and family,

I received your welcome letter today.

I am feeling a great deal better now. Sciatica all gone but my hip is still a little stiff. I think I will go on parade tomorrow and see how it goes. You were asking me if we have a change of boots. I think I have had three pair since I joined. So I have done pretty fair.

I sure had a laugh when I read the sentence about my timidness. I believe it all has left me. As for us being picked for the guns, we were the best for it and the rest for drivers. They have a cinch as they only take us out and then beat it back. Jim was one but will most likely be on the gun now that the draft has left. No danger Mother about my not being home again and I hope before this time next year.

That sure must be some boy. I am as proud of him as you but I am sorry to learn of Ada’s poor health. She sure is having an awful time with her teeth. I hope Elliott has given up the idea of enlisting as I want him to say at home. Also I’m glad he is doing a good business this winter.

I am glad to hear you had a letter from Gladys. I have not had one since some time in January but will most likely get a bunch one of these days.

Trusting this finds you well and enjoying life.

Your loving son,


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