Letters From The Bowes Brothers – Feb. 11, 1916 Bramshott Military Hospital

December 20, 2012 by Tom MacGregor

Dearest Mother,

Here goes a few lines to let you know I am alive although at present in the hospital here. I have been in since Wednesday but hope to be out in a few days. I have sciatica in my right hip and leg. Caught it most likely at the ranges as I got soaked a couple of days while there. I don’t want you to worry about me for I am not very bad, only I had to stop marching for a while and they put me here to keep me quiet and out of mischief. Well, Musie, you will have to excuse this writing as they made me go to bed and I am writing while sitting up. Jim says he wishes they would put him in, too, for he says I look extremely happy and comfortable. He brings me the papers and all the smokes I want. There are about 25 in the ward I am in and none very sick, mostly laziness but that is the army for you. If you feel a bit dumpy you either have to go on parade or hospital. However they give us all we want to eat.

You were wondering how we got on stripping the gun blindfolded. It is some job as there are 96 pieces to it. I have put it together in eight minutes blind and 2.30 without. We have to get used to putting it together as we will likely have to repair it at times in the dark.

Jim [Bowes] said in his letter that they were curling the other afternoon. Some army he is in all right. But he will make up for it when he travels across the pond, believe me.

I will have to close this for now as I want to write the wife this afternoon.

Kindest regards, your loving son,


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