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Letters From The Bowes Brothers – Oct. 16, 1915 Camp Sewell

Clifford has received letters from his young sister Evelyn and youngest brother Fred. He mentions his wife (Gladys) in Elgin, Man., about 45 kilometres, northwest of Boissevain, but he is only engaged to marry her.

Dear Mother,

Another letter received from you today also Evelyn and Fred and as I am so busy this one will do for all.

This is our last day in Sewell Camp as we leave tomorrow for Halifax, sailing from there on the 22nd. It will no doubt seem a long time to you before you get a letter from me but, Mother Dear, think how long I will be without any word from home. Well Mother, Jim and I are together again as we have joined the Machine-Gun Section. No doubt you will see our features in the paper as the machine-gun section here won the $1,000 shield the other day for competition throughout Canada among machine-gun crews. Pretty fair, eh? We get this shield presented to us in Winnipeg.

Well Mother, Jim and I are going to get our pictures taken this afternoon. I want you to send one of me to my wife at Elgin and be sure not to forget.

I will have to close as I am very busy. Say good-bye to all the family for me and give them my sincere love.

As ever your loving son,


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