Day: November 21, 2012

Operational Stress Injuries, Part 1: The War Within
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Operational Stress Injuries, Part 1: The War Within

Thirty per cent of those who served in combat zones will suffer an operational stress injury. In Afghanistan, Bosnia, Cyprus, Korea, Europe and dozens of other locations around the globe, Canadian Forces members have proven time and again they are prepared to march into hell to protect and promote Canadian values, chief of which, arguably, is peace. It is a cruel irony that when some return home, their military experiences have robbed them of that very thing. It takes hardening of the soul to do their job in places where human life is valued cheaply, where equality before the law, due process—even peace—are lofty concepts that have little to do with the lives of people struggling to survive. Those who have served in violent places do not slip easily back into Canadian society;...

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