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Day: November 6, 2012

Letters From The Bowes Brothers

Letters From The Bowes Brothers – Oct. 21, 1915 Still Aboard Train

My own dear Mother, No doubt you will have received my cards before this is sent to the rest of the family. When I am taking my last look at Canada for some time, my thoughts are of my own dear mother left far behind in Manitoba worrying and thinking, “Where is my wandering boy tonight?” We have had a delightful journey so far. We are due in Halifax sometime tonight. Just think, Mother, I have been further east than any member of the family. We are at present traveling down the south side of the St. Lawrence just like some mighty lake as we cannot see the opposite shore. We crossed the St. Lawrence at Montreal last night—some ride across believe me. I saw Bessie Anderson at Selkirk and also Ada and Mrs. Anderson. They gave us a march there and Bessie and her mother came to the sta...

Military Heritage Of Chinese Canadians Displayed

Second World War veterans Frank Wong and George Chow are sitting in the Chinese Canadian Military Museum in Vancouver, on a mission to educate Canadians about Chinese Canadian military history and their long, hard battle for full citizenship. Born in Canada shortly after the First World War, both men experienced the sharp divide of discrimination and racism. “We were not allowed to live outside Chinatown [in Vancouver],” says Wong, “and professional jobs were not available to us. I wasn’t even allowed to go swimming in a public pool.” They were paid less than Caucasians and white-only rules barred them from some businesses and professions, swimming pools, restaurants, theatres and barbershops. From 1872 to 1949, those in British Columbia couldn’t vote in provincial elections. Saskat...

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