NEW! Canadian Military History Trivia Challenge

Day: November 5, 2012

This Week In Military History

These Are The Results For The Week Of November 5 – November 11

11/5/1937 Hitler announces his plans to create more “living space” for his people. 11/5/1966 Canada’s first and only military hydrofoil, Bras d’Or (2nd), is damaged by fire while under construction in Quebec. 11/6/1914 1st Canadian Division settles into a routine training schedule on England’s Salisbury Plain. It will be a difficult winter for Canadian troops with record levels of rain and cold temperatures. 11/6/1940 His Majesty’s Canadian Ship Ottawa and His Majesty’s Ship Harvester open fire on a surfaced submarine as it attacks a merchant ship southwest of Ireland. The Italian U-boat dives and Ottawa drops 21 depth charges in four attacks. Harvester launches five attacks. Two explosions are heard and a large oil patch is spotted, however the kill is not confirmed until...

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