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Month: November 2012

Letters From The Bowes Brothers

Letters From The Bowes Brothers – Jan. 3, 1916 Bramshott Camp

My Dearest Mother, Your most welcome letter of Dec. 10th received today also one from Ada and was certainly glad to get them. It will be my happiest moment when I hear the con [conductor] call, “Boissevain next!” and see you standing on the station platform. Most of the sickness here has been severe colds and influenza but in all very little sickness according to the number of troops stationed here. I am sorry that some of the boys have died at Winnipeg but you can hardly expect to have no casualties. The boys may not be able to stand the work here but I only laugh at it. I hardly know my own strength as my muscles are as hard as rock. Now I am truly glad you are so patriotic a mother for a lot of people told Jim and I we were fools to go. God pity them. I would hate to see Canada an...
The Men Who Sank The Tirpitz: Air Force, Part 54
Air Force

The Men Who Sank The Tirpitz: Air Force, Part 54

Thousands of Royal Canadian Air Force aircrew served in Bomber Command throughout the Second World War. Although 15 Canadian squadrons existed within that formation, many RCAF personnel flew in non-RCAF units, including in squadrons that fought the mighty German battleship Tirpitz. Launched in April 1939 but not battle-ready until 1941, the Tirpitz was a sister ship to the famous Bismarck. Her tonnage (52,000), main armament of eight, 15-inch guns, speed of 31 knots and enormous armour made her a formidable threat. The Royal Navy was acutely aware of how difficult it had been to sink Bismarck in May 1941 (accomplished with as much luck as strategy). Four British battleships were deployed to meet Tirpitz should she ever sail against the North Atlantic convoys. Hitler was aware of ...

Service Canada To Handle Veterans’ Questions

The Royal Canadian Legion has concerns about Veterans Affairs Canada’s use of Service Canada for handling inquiries and applications. Agents at Service Canada’s 600 outlets are now answering veterans’ inquiries and accepting completed application forms for VAC disability claims and other benefits. “We are really concerned about this,” said Dominion Command Service Bureau Director Andrea Siew. “Completing a disability benefits application for VAC is not the same as filing a passport application. The disability benefits process is very complex. It requires a certain level of knowledge and training. We have no idea if staff at Service Canada outlets will be able to answer the questions to ensure veterans are getting the services and benefits they deserve, or that they know what benefits an...
Letters From The Bowes Brothers

Letters From The Bowes Brothers – Jan. 1, 1916 Bramshott Camp

Clifford refers to the murder of Sergeant Henry Marquis Ozanne of the 9th Regiment, Canadian Mounted Rifles during a robbery. Musie is a term of endearment all three Bowes brothers use in writing to their mother. Dearest Mother, Well Musie, I received your parcel this morning, also Fred’s glass and dear little Evelyn’s gum and chocolate. The cake came through fine although the icing was broke up some. I gave each of the boys a piece and have enough left for a bit for Jim. Whenever anyone gets a parcel they always share up and we do the same. I believe our colonel is to be made brigadier-general to command the 14th Western Brigade of the 3rd Division. I hope it is so as he is a fine fellow and would make a good leader. It is rumoured around camp that our brigade will leave England ...
This Week In Military History

These Are The Results For The Week Of November 26 – December 2

11/26/1941 His Majesty’s Canadian Ship Halifax is commissioned. 11/26-29/2008 Well orchestrated gun and grenade attacks kill dozens and injure many more at popular tourist destinations in Mumbia, India. Luxury hotels, a railway station and restaurant are among the targeted locations. Members of a Pakistani militant organization claim responsibility. 11/27/1940 The Canadian merchant ship Lisieux sinks during a gale in the North Atlantic; 12 die, 17 survive. 11/28/1934 Ten new Atlas aircraft are taken on strength by Canada’s air force. 11/29/1957 Two paid off minesweepers—HMCS Kenora and HMCS Kentville—are transferred to the Turkish navy. 11/30/1918 After fighting dozens of enemy aircraft and downing three on Oct. 27, Major W.G. Barker of Dauphin, Man., is awarded ...
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Memorial Unveiled For Fallen Firefighters

Canadian firefighters who have fallen in the line of duty are now permanently commemorated on the Canadian Firefighters Memorial, officially unveiled in Ottawa, Sept. 9. Governor General David Johnston was on hand for the unveiling of the large statue of a firefighter by a pole pointing to the names of those who have died in fires, on-duty accidents or from work-related illnesses. “It is difficult for many of us to truly comprehend what it is to fight fire. Most people will never know what it’s like to approach, enter and climb a set of stairs in a burning building. Few of us will ever be called upon to stand firm before a raging, unpredictable forest fire, or to make quick decisions that can mean the difference between life and death,” said Johnston. “Fire is an elemental force a...

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