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Month: August 2012

This Week In Military History

These Are The Results For The Week Of August 27 – September 2

08/27-29/1944 In Italy, 1st Canadian Infantry Division smashes through German positions along the Arzilla River known as the Red Line. Intended to provide warning of a major Allied offensive along the Adriatic coast of Italy, these defences were to hold for seven to 10 days until reserves could arrive to fully man the Gothic Line. Instead, 1st and 2nd Canadian Infantry brigades swarmed the Red Line, quickly killing or capturing most of the defenders and throwing German headquarters into panic. 08/27/1953 No. 414, 422 and 444 squadrons of the Royal Canadian Air Force begin to depart from Canada for Baden-Soellingen, West Germany. The deployment fulfils part of Canada’s responsibility to her North Atlantic Treaty Organization allies in Europe by contributing 12 fighter squadrons. All ...

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