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Month: July 2012


Treat a veteran to lunch

I just read a touching piece about a good way to say thanks to a veteran. Paul Kavanagh, a Montreal periodontist, was visiting the Canadian War Museum in 2009 with his family and happened to be in line at the cafeteria behind a veteran who did not have quite enough to pay for his meal.  Kavanagh quietly paid the difference for that veteran—then thought about how complimentary meals could be provided to every visiting veteran. Thus was born Operation Veteran, which has provided more than 4,000 complimentary meals to veterans visiting the museum in Ottawa. Kavanagh originally approached some high schools to raise money to provide vouchers for a free hot meal to any veteran visiting the museum on Remembrance Day, but the program proved so popular it can fund meals for veterans every day. O...

Close Games Keep Cribbage Exciting

Len Zema likes to keep his fingers free when he plays cards competitively. So he takes off his wedding band and another ring he wears on his right hand. “It’s become a superstition with me but it brings me luck,” said Zema, a member of Elmwood Branch in Winnipeg. Whether it was luck, skill or just the right cards, Zema came out on top of the singles category during the 2012 Dominion Command Cribbage Championships held April 27-29 at Innisfail Branch in Alberta. While Zema may have picked up one trophy for Manitoba-Northwestern Ontario Command, competition came from all across the country as cribbage players descended on the small town about 120 kilometres north of Calgary. In a town with a population of about 8,000, Innisfail Branch boasts a large building and a membership of close t...

Readers’ Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to our Readers’ Quiz in the July/August 2012 issue. The U.S. fort on Mackinac Island in Lake Huron surrendered to British forces in 1812 without anyone being killed. Four Canadians were awarded the Victoria Cross for their actions during the Battle of Vimy Ridge. They were Captain Thain MacDowell, Private William Milne, Pte. John Pattison and Lance Sergeant Ellis Sifton. Milne and Sifton died during the battle. An airgraph was a one-page form to write a letter on. The airgraph would then be photographed in Canada and developed overseas. The two flanking beaches used during the 1942 raid on Dieppe were Puys and Pourville. A qamutiq is sled for carrying luggage that can be pulled behind a snowmobile or dogsled.
This Week In Military History

These Are The Results For The Week Of July 23 – July 29

07/23/1917 Canadian troops participate in a successful raid through the Mericourt trench against enemy dugouts and trench mortar emplacements. 07/23/1974 In Cyprus, A fragile ceasefire is negotiated between Turks and Greek Cypriots by the United Nations. 07/24/1967 French President Charles de Gaulle arrives in Montreal to mark Canada’s Centennial. His words “Vive le Quebec libre” (Long live free Quebec) infuriate Canadians, but impress those in support of Quebec sovereignty. 07/25/1944 Disaster and carnage result when Canadian units try to attack a well-positioned and well-armed and experienced enemy force on Verrières Ridge in Normandy. 07/24-25/1944 Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery launches Operation Spring, the first phase of a general southward drive from Caen to ...

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