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Month: July 2012


Commemoration at Groesbeek

Last week a contingent of 225 members of the Canadian Forces pause during a 40-kilometre march to pay their respects to the fallen at Groesbeek Canadian War Cemetery near Nijmegen, Netherlands. With them were VIPs, including the U.S. ambassador to Canada, MP Randy Hoback, the senior U.S. military attaché to Canada, and representatives of Veterans Affairs Canada, The Royal Canadian Legion and Logistik Unicorp. Buried there are 2,338 Canadian soldiers and airmen who died liberating the Netherlands in 1944 and 1945. Allied  Forces entered the Netherlands in September 1944, and cleared and secured the ports and coastline.  Many of those in this cemetery were casualties of the Battle of the Rhineland, where the 2nd and 3rd Canadian infantry divisions and the 4th Canadian Armoured Division clea...
This Week In Military History

These Are The Results For The Week Of July 30 – August 5

07/30/1962 Prime Minister John Diefenbaker officially opens the Trans-Canada Highway at Rogers Pass, B.C. 07/30/1974 The prime ministers of Greece and Turkey sign a peace deal for Cyprus. 07/31/1942 The Women’s Royal Canadian Naval Service is founded, eventually to reach a wartime strength of 6,500 all ranks by 1945. Many Wrens serve as motor transport drivers and in communications work in Canada and in the United Kingdom for Plymouth Command. 07/31/1942 The Canadian destroyer HMCS Skeena and the Canadian corvette HMCS Wetaskiwin destroy U-588 in the mid-Atlantic. August 1943 Western Escort Force becomes the name of the former Western Local Escort Force, best known for using corvettes and minesweepers to operate the Triangle Run—Halifax, Boston and St. John’s, Nfld. ...

Dart Players Unhappy With Playoff Rule

Ontario teams were positioned for a clean sweep of the 2012 Dominion Command Darts Championships at North Vancouver Branch May 4-6, taking part in final games for the championship in the singles, doubles and team events, but in the end they shared glory with teams from Alberta-Northwest Territories and New Brunswick. The matches were hard-fought, with ties among second place in singles play and the leaders in doubles. “The level of competition here is fantastic,” said Kerry Howe of Everett, Ont., Branch. “There are people here who play internationally,” said John Brann of Moose Jaw, Sask., Branch. This is perhaps to be expected in a tournament among best players in each provincial command, many of whom have decades of competitive experience. And they need it: darts is a game of ph...
Aiding The Partisans: Air Force, Part 52
Air Force

Aiding The Partisans: Air Force, Part 52

Germany’s invasion of Yugoslavia in April 1941 precipitated a fierce, complex four-year conflict. The enemy exploited ethnic and religious divisions within the country; local collaboration was common. A puppet Croatian state supported the Axis. Rival partisan groups fought each other as much as they fought the Axis; during the war there were few prisoners taken but many fierce reprisals. “Peace” brought further bloody settlings of accounts. Any objective history of the Yugoslav war is a narrative of courage and cruelty. For decades the full story was suppressed to create heroic national myths which nevertheless failed to keep the country united. Royal Air Force support of resistance movements grew slowly from four Liberators dropping supplies in May 1942 to the formation of No. 148 Squa...

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