Letters From Katherine

June 28, 2012 by Jason Duprau

Editor’s note: an undated letter fragment.


…I have many fond recollections of them. I have many pictures taken, both on leave and at Eastbourne. I was just thinking that I might get a complete series printed for you and if you desire them I shall forward them along. Maud had the complete set but I don’t think she sent them home. Pictures surely are a consolation and I feel so thankful that I have the large picture of her. It has proved a great comfort.

This morning’s papers show the care given to the burial grounds in France and it is comforting to learn of the respect shown to our heroes even under circumstances as found in France.

Could you give me some idea of Christy’s esteem for me from things she had written home? It seems strange to ask such a question but it would be so self satisfying.

Convey my kindest regards and love to your brave little mother and deepest respect to yourself.


John W. Ballantyne

c/o Lovell and Christmas

West Smithfield,

London, England


Selection from the letter collection of N/S Katherine Maude MacDonald
CWM 19950037-014
George Metcalf Archival Collection
© Canadian War Museum
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