More bad press for the F-35, the ‘supersonic albatross.’

May 3, 2012 by Adam Day

While the Canadian government seems increasingly intent on following through with its somewhat troubled purchase of new F-35 fighter jets for the RCAF, bad news about the project continues to roll out across the internet. In this interesting piece from the much-respected magazine Foreign Policy, the jet is portrayed as a massive waste of money, a veritable ‘flying piano’ with very few performance advantages and, ultimately, a project going increasingly awry.

The bottom line: The F-35 is not the wonder its advocates claim. It is a gigantic performance disappointment, and in some respects a step backward. The problems, integral to the design, cannot be fixed without starting from a clean sheet of paper.

After reading the full story, it’s hard to see why the plane is worth the expense. Read it here.


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