Letters From Garnet – Witley Camp, April 15, 1919

May 14, 2012 by Jason Duprau

“Getting pretty impatient now.”

Witley Camp, April 15, 1919

Miss Millie Dobbs,

25 Howland Ave.,

Toronto, Ont., Canada

Dear Sister,

Well here we are in “Blighty” and darned glad, too, to get in a civilized country again. Landed at Southampton the 4th and came right up to this camp.

Our first three days here were pretty busy with signing papers, medical boards, dental boards, etc. after which we were hustled away on our last leave. (8 days)

Just returned last night and trying to get settled like a sane person, so if this sounds erratic in spots, you’ll have to remember that I’m suffering from the effects of a carousal. (not the kind you mean though).

Don’t know exactly when we are to get away from this country.

Rumour has it, about the last of the month or first week in May.

It’s a little early yet to get anything authentic but I hope it’s soon. Getting pretty impatient now.

Well “Old Girl,” I presume you will try and make a trip down home when I arrive. Hope you can manage it anyway for I expect my travelling days are done for a time at least. Have done almost enough for a lifetime.

Trust you are keeping in the best of health…

If I’ve forgotten anything in this, hope to soon be able to tell it to you in place of writing.


Bye Bye for now. Yours, Garn xxxxx



Selection from the letter collection of Sergeant Dobbs, to his sister Millie and his brother Walter
CWM 20050153-001
George Metcalf Archival Collection
© Canadian War Museum

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