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  •  “…rumour that I had been killed…” Somewhere in France, Oct. 28, 1918 Dear Sister, There was almost a casualty in the battalion when I discovered a letter from you in my mail the other day. I thought my condition would stand almost any strain but...
  • 05/1-7/1918

    The Canadian Corps, which had been holding the line on the critical Lens front in France during March and April, was relieved by the 17th and 18th British Corps. At the time the...
  • Letters From Garnet – France, Sept. 6, 1918

    April 27, 2012 by Jason Duprau
     “…churches seem to be a special target for his guns…” France, Sept. 6, 1918 Mr. W.E. Dobbs, 511 Craig Street, Winnipeg, Man., Canada   Dear Folks, I have been trying about a week to acknowledge your fine parcel but “Golly Gee” they keep us going...
  • A Republic of Korea honour guard was on hand this week as the remains of Canadian Archibald Hearsey arrived at Incheon Airport.  Hearsey, who was born in Ignace, Ont., is reported to be  the first foreign veteran of the Korean War to be brought back...
  • Captain Christopher Patrick John O’Kelly after he earned the Victoria Cross at Passchendaele. GEORGE METCALF ARCHIVAL COLLECTION, CANADIAN WAR...
  •  “…the dead were lying on all sides…’’ Somewhere in France, Aug. 15, 1918 Miss Millie Dobbs, 25 Howland Ave., Toronto, Ont., Canada   Dear Sister, I think if you look up your back correspondence you’ll find you owe me a letter or two or else...
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