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Month: April 2012

Letters From Garnet

Letters From Garnet – Somewhere in France, Oct. 28, 1918

 “…rumour that I had been killed...” Somewhere in France, Oct. 28, 1918 Dear Sister, There was almost a casualty in the battalion when I discovered a letter from you in my mail the other day. I thought my condition would stand almost any strain but that surprise was almost too much. Your explanation as to why you didn’t write is, I’m afraid, rather vague. Do you realize it’s almost four months since I got your last letter? I’m sure you don’t realize just how much our home mail means to us over here or I know you wouldn’t let that length of time elapse without stealing a few minutes. …we got leave—and like a bolt from the sky, before we realized it, we were on the way to Blightly (England), arriving there the night of the 8th. Almost the first thing I did was to run down to Seaford to ...
This Week In Military History

These Are The Results For The Week Of April 30 – May 6

04/30/1952 The diary of Holocaust victim Anne Frank is published in English. 05/1-7/1918 The Canadian Corps, which had been holding the line on the critical Lens front in France during March and April, was relieved by the 17th and 18th British Corps. At the time the divisions of the Canadian Corps were among the strongest on the Western Front. 05/1/1961 415 Maritime Patrol Squadron is formed at Summerside, P.E.I. The unit will fly the Argus anti-submarine/marine patrol aircraft. 05/2/1670 The iconic Canadian Hudson’s Bay Company is co-founded. 05/2/1885 At the Battle of Cut Knife Hill in Saskatchewan, Lieutenant-Colonel William Otter and 500 troops attack Chief Poundmaker’s Cree camp, one of three main centres of resistance during the Northwest Rebellion. 05/2/1939...
Letters From Garnet

Letters From Garnet – France, Sept. 6, 1918

 “…churches seem to be a special target for his guns…” France, Sept. 6, 1918 Mr. W.E. Dobbs, 511 Craig Street, Winnipeg, Man., Canada   Dear Folks, I have been trying about a week to acknowledge your fine parcel but “Golly Gee” they keep us going and I haven’t been able to get settled before this morning. I received your parcel some few days ago and it arrived in first-class condition… I always sit right down and have a good feed as soon as a box arrives, providing of course that the contents warrant it and this one was no exception. …I’m writing this on ground recently held by the Hun and which he said could not possibly be taken from him, but that’s a pretty broad assertion when the Canadians are in the neighbourhood. He said that about us when we were in front of it and it...

South Korean honour guard greets veteran’s remains

A Republic of Korea honour guard was on hand this week as the remains of Canadian Archibald Hearsey arrived at Incheon Airport.  Hearsey, who was born in Ignace, Ont., is reported to be  the first foreign veteran of the Korean War to be brought back to the country for burial. Archibald sailed to South Korea with the 2nd battalion of the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry in February 1951. Although his older brother Joseph joined the same regiment and was sent to Korea in July, Archibald  was unaware of those facts until called to his brother’s side as he died of wounds following a battle  in October. Unable to return to Korea to visit his brother’s grave, Archibald, who died in 2011,  stipulated in his will that his ashes be laid to rest next to his brother. This week the broth...
Letters From Garnet

Letters From Garnet – Somewhere in France, Aug. 15, 1918

 “…the dead were lying on all sides…’’ Somewhere in France, Aug. 15, 1918 Miss Millie Dobbs, 25 Howland Ave., Toronto, Ont., Canada   Dear Sister, I think if you look up your back correspondence you’ll find you owe me a letter or two or else the post office is guilty of mail “hoarding,” for I haven’t heard from you in about two months. However, I won’t hold it against you if you’ll do better in the future. I was going to write you about two weeks ago but we had a sudden move, travelling “light,” and in the hurry I forgot to stick any stationary in my haversack. We have been travelling ever since and around these parts you couldn’t buy note paper if you had all the money in the world. What came to my rescue was a box just received from Nell. Included in the box was…notepaper an...

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