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Month: March 2012

Serving You

The Royal Canadian Legion Service Bureau Network – We Care

The Legion’s Service Bureau Network assists all veterans including serving Canadian Forces members, Royal Canadian Mounted Police and their families while representing their interests with Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) and the Veterans Review and Appeal Board (VRAB) regarding disability benefits under the Pension Act or the Canadian Forces Members and Veterans Re-establishment and Compensation Act, commonly referred to as the New Veterans Charter. Free Representation Services Professional command Legion service officers provide counselling, assistance and representational services free of charge, whether or not you are a Legion member. Our representation role is mandated through legislation. The Legion can provide representation from first application to VAC through to Request for Reco...
Letters From Bill

Letters From Bill – Oct. 24, 1944

Dear Mom, Dad, Sis and Jack the Commando, Guess I am a pretty poor son for not writing more often, but I just didn’t live up to my good intentions. Sorry folks…I am not worrying about them sending me back to the fight, Mother. If I have to go back I think I learned enough to make the dirty Jerries pay for what they gave me if I haven’t already. However, I don’t think there will be much to do when I do get back, if I do, because our fellows seem to be making it quite tough for the Hun. The news sure is good now and I don’t think it will be so awfully long. We just heard the victory guns and bells from Moscow over the radio and they sure sound good. We don’t understand how they move such great distances in so short a time. They sure have a wonderful system. Haven’t had a visit from Joh...
Military History

Vimy: A Battle Remembered, Hill 70: A Battle Forgotten

The Battle of Vimy Ridge remains an iconic event in Canadian history. Fought from April 9 to 12, 1917, it is celebrated in history books, resonates in popular culture and is firmly lodged in Canadian consciousness. The erection of Walter Allward’s stunning memorial on the ridge in 1936 has ensured that the battlefield remains a site of memory, mourning, victory and commemoration. Thousands of Canadians have made a pilgrimage to the memorial and, over time, despite the dangers of France being overrun during the Second World War and the ravages of weather, it has remained a focal point for Canadian war remembrance. The unveiling of the refurbished memorial in 2007 was accompanied by a pageantry of celebration and pride. The Queen, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and over 3,000 Canadians at...
On This Date

On This Date – March 2012

  MARCH 1, 1945: Fourth Canadian Infantry Brigade launches an attack on enemy positions in the Hochwald Forest defence line covering Xanten, the last German bastion west of the Rhine. MARCH 2, 1969: In France, the supersonic Concorde jet completes its first flight. MARCH 3, 1921: The Canadian submarines CH-14 and CH-15 are commissioned. MARCH 4, 1943: While escorting convoy KMS-10 to the Mediterranean during the buildup for the invasion of Sicily, Escort Group C-1, including His Majesty’s Canadian ships St. Croix and Shediac, detects an enemy sub. The result is the sinking of U-87. MARCH 5, 1953: Soviet leader Joseph Stalin is reported as being gravely ill. MARCH 6, 2002: Nearly 130 Canadian troops are sent to Afghanistan. MARCH 7, 1969: Israel elects its fi...
Travelling About: March-April 2012
Travelling About

Travelling About: March-April 2012

Five Things To Do And See In March And April 1. Learn About Canadians In The Pacific The Military Museums in Calgary presents Ring of Fire: Canadians In The Pacific In The Second World War. The exhibit follows the exploits of three brave Canadians who were awarded the Victoria Cross while fighting in the Far East. It was an honour none of them would live to receive. Ring Of Fire: Canadians In The Pacific In The Second World War Until June 3 The Military Museums, Calgary   2. Go North For The Arctic Winter Games The Arctic Winter Games is taking place in Whitehorse, Yukon, March 4-10. This is no small event, as more than 2,000 northern athletes and coaches are going to descend on Whitehorse to compete in snowshoeing, dog mushing, skiing, ska...

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