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  • 03/19/1978

    The United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon is...
  •  “…..rioting in Montreal over the conscription bill…”   Miss Millie Dobbs, Seaford Camp, June 13, 1917 25 Howland Ave, Toronto, Ont., Canada   Dear Sister, Well: here we are at our destination at last and some trip we have had.   …We didn’t know which camp...
  • Converting Military Skills To The Workplace

    March 17, 2012 by Adam Day
    It’s a problem perhaps as old as militaries themselves—what happens to former soldiers once they leave the military? How can they apply the skills they learned in uniform to civilian occupations? For Sergeant Michael Woolley, 31, a veteran of tours to both Bosnia and Kandahar, it...
  • War artist Ted Zuber receives medal

    March 16, 2012 by Sharon Adams
    War artist Ted Zuber   is among those recently awarded Ambassadors for Peace Medals in Canada by the Republic of Korea. Zuber served in South Korea with the Royal Canadian Regiment in 1952, and kept a sketch diary of his experiences.  He was in the Gulf...
  • Letters From Garnet – Introduction

    March 16, 2012 by Jason Duprau
    by Valerie Wilson Imagine you are trying to write a letter by candlelight while your fingers are stiff with cold. You are sitting on a battered petrol tin that is slowly sinking into the mud beneath you. It’s raining…it’s been raining for days. You are...
  • A class action law suit is being prepared against the federal government challenging the fairness of some benefits paid to injured and disabled veterans under the New Veterans Charter. The Vancouver-based Equitas Society  seeks parity in disability benefits for wounded and injured military members with...

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