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Month: March 2012

Letters From Garnet

Letters From Garnet – Somewhere in France, Sept. 14, 1917

            “…good old band, good old band…” Somewhere in France, Sept. 14, 1917 Mr. W.E. Dobbs, 9 Horace Court, Norwood, Man., Canada   Dear Lottie and Walt, I’ve been trying for what seems like two months to write you but never see enough spare time to compile a letter—so here goes. I have to write in chapters. …the last time I wrote was just after we had been warned for France… We hung around camp for nearly a week after that, expecting to go at any hour, but were detained on account of a strong gale blowing and making the Channel too dangerous. We finally got our orders to leave and marched out of camp about 9:30 a.m. in the pouring rain. We had been out in it all day and were soaking wet anyway, so we did not mind it and everybody was in high spirits. We entrained in the...
This Week In Military History

These Are The Results For The Week Of March 26 – April 1

03/26/1885 Métis insurgents under Louis Riel and Gabriel Dumont meet and defeat a column of North West Mounted Police and Prince Albert volunteers near Duck Lake, Sask. 03/27/1916 Third British Division launches an attack against St-Eloi south of Ypres, Belgium, by exploding a series of mines under German lines. 03/28/1961 The Royal Canadian Air Force takes delivery of the first CF-104 Starfighter. Capable of flying at over 1,400 miles per hour, and carrying nuclear bombs, the CF-104 fulfils Canada’s NATO commitment in Europe as a nuclear strike aircraft. 03/29/1945 The Canadian frigate Teme is torpedoed in the English Channel by U-246, and is damaged beyond repair. 03/30/1951 Flight Lieutenant Omer Levesque shoots down a North Korean MiG-15 fighter while attached to the United...

MPs Support Increase In Funeral And Burial Benefits

A House of Commons committee has joined the chorus calling for increasing payments and expanding eligibility for veterans’ funeral and burial benefits. In its report, Commemoration In The 21st Century, the Standing Committee on Veterans Affairs recommended changes to the funeral and burial program which provides veterans’ families financial support to cover some expenses. The $9.3 million program is funded by Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) and administered by the Last Post Fund. Veterans who die as a result of injury or illness related to service are eligible for VAC funeral and burial assistance. As well, a Second World War or Korean War veteran whose estate is too small to fund appropriate services is entitled to assistance determined by a means test. More recent veterans who ar...

Podcasts for military history buffs.

A treat for history buffs, the Laurier Centre for Military Strategic and Disarmament Studies is posting podcasts  every Friday  leading up to the 2012 Military History Colloqium in London, Ont., in May. So far, historians Terry Copp and Michelle Fowler talk about the liberation of the Netherlands and Will J. Pratt of the University of Calgary presents a biography of Air Vice-Marshal C.M. “Black Mike” McEwen. McEwen  had a  distinguished career in the First World War, was credited with  more than two dozen confirmed victories and earned three British decorations.  In the Second World War he commanded 6 (RCAF) Bomber Group of the Royal Air Force. The podcasts are of presentations at the 2011 conference.          
Letters From Garnet

Letters From Garnet – Seaford, Sussex, August 19, 1917

“...expect to leave for France tomorrow night…”   Seaford, Sussex, August 19, 1917 Mr. W. E. Dobbs, 9 Horace Court, Norwood, Man., Canada   Dear Walt and Lottie, I received your most welcome letters this week but have been kept so very busy that I haven’t had an opportunity to reply and, in fact, only have about two minutes. We expect to leave for France tomorrow night unless there is a change in orders…and we have a kit inspection about every hour when we have to pull our kits apart and check things over and then repack. This nonsense would make you sick but it seems to be the rule here and of course we have to “fall in line.” Have had some trouble getting all my things in the overseas pack… …was very sorry indeed to learn of the death of Lottie’s brother. One hears so...

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