On This Date – March 2012


MARCH 1, 1945: Fourth Canadian Infantry Brigade launches an attack on enemy positions in the Hochwald Forest defence line covering Xanten, the last German bastion west of the Rhine.

MARCH 2, 1969: In France, the supersonic Concorde jet completes its first flight.

MARCH 3, 1921: The Canadian submarines CH-14 and CH-15 are commissioned.

MARCH 4, 1943: While escorting convoy KMS-10 to the Mediterranean during the buildup for the invasion of Sicily, Escort Group C-1, including His Majesty’s Canadian ships St. Croix and Shediac, detects an enemy sub. The result is the sinking of U-87.

Joseph Stalin

Joseph Stalin

MARCH 5, 1953: Soviet leader Joseph Stalin is reported as being gravely ill.

MARCH 6, 2002: Nearly 130 Canadian troops are sent to Afghanistan.

MARCH 7, 1969: Israel elects its first female prime minister, Golda Meir.

MARCH 8, 1985: A car bomb explodes in Beirut, Lebanon, killing at least 45 people and injuring many others.

MARCH 9-10, 1952: The 25th Brigade repositions itself along the Sami-chon River in Korea.

MARCH 11, 1985: The Soviet people have a new leader in Mikhail Gorbachev.

MARCH 12, 1857: One of Canada’s worst rail disasters occurs on the outskirts of Hamilton. Nearly 60 people die and 18 more are injured in the passenger train crash at the Desjardins Canal.

MARCH 13, 1951: Communist forces begin a withdrawal across all fronts in the Korean War.

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill

MARCH 14, 1933: Winston Churchill calls for stronger air defence.

The Royal Canadian Legion logo, 1935.

The Royal Canadian Legion logo, 1935.

MARCH 15, 1935: The Legion presents a brief to the Hyndman Commission calling for full employment of veterans.

Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler

MARCH 16, 1935: Hitler introduces military conscription.

MARCH 17, 1945: His Majesty’s Canadian Ship Guysborough is torpedoed and sunk while on minesweeping duty in the Bay of Biscay off France.

MARCH 18, 1992: An overwhelming number of white South Africans are supporting a mandate for political reforms to end apartheid.

MARCH 19, 1978: The United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon is created.

MARCH 20, 1917: The preparatory artillery bombardment of Vimy Ridge begins.

Yukon Field Force.

Yukon Field Force.

MARCH 21, 1898: The Yukon Field Force is organized to maintain Canadian sovereignty and authority in the Klondike.

MARCH 22, 1951: Eighth Army reaches the 38th parallel in Korea.

MARCH 23, 1942: The Japanese occupy the Andaman Islands in the Pacific.

MARCH 24, 1999: CF-18 fighter jets hit targets in Kosovo.

MARCH 25, 1958: The CF-105 Avro Arrow flies for the first time at Malton, Ont.

MARCH 26, 1945: For American troops, fighting ends on Iwo Jima.

MARCH 27, 1933: Japan decides to leave the League of Nations.

MARCH 28, 1979: Radioactive steam begins leaking from a nuclear plant at Three Mile Island, Pennsylvania.

MARCH 28-29, 1942: Allied bombing strikes the German city of Lübeck.

MARCH 30, 1971: The new Pension Act becomes law.

MARCH 31, 1991: The Gulf War ends.

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