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Mystery deepens around Dead Man’s Penny

There is news regarding the mystery around the First World War Commemorative Medallion issued to Percy Edwards, reported in this blog March 19.

A member of the family of Percy Edwards, a Canadian First World War infantryman, says the medallion in the possession of Jean Bramham in Sunderland, U.K. isn’t that of her relative born in Washago, Ont., who died in battle in 1916. The medallion for the Canadian Percy Edwards has passed down through the descendants of his twin brother, Roy.

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission lists two dozen men named Percy Edwards who perished in the First World War, and many more names that include the letter P as an initial.

Bramham’s relatives found the medallion when they moved into a new house in 1953 and were unable to determine then to whom it belonged.  And so the search continues.













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