Letters From Bill – Oct. 24, 1944

March 2, 2012 by Dan Black

Dear Mom, Dad, Sis and Jack the Commando,

Guess I am a pretty poor son for not writing more often, but I just didn’t live up to my good intentions. Sorry folks…I am not worrying about them sending me back to the fight, Mother. If I have to go back I think I learned enough to make the dirty Jerries pay for what they gave me if I haven’t already. However, I don’t think there will be much to do when I do get back, if I do, because our fellows seem to be making it quite tough for the Hun. The news sure is good now and I don’t think it will be so awfully long. We just heard the victory guns and bells from Moscow over the radio and they sure sound good. We don’t understand how they move such great distances in so short a time. They sure have a wonderful system.

Haven’t had a visit from Johnny for three weeks, so I guess he must be moved again. I have had two visitors since I came here, Johnny and Howard so I was really pleased to see them. Guess I didn’t make enough friends around here but I don’t care because it isn’t hard to have fun around here. I am about the oldest patient in this ward now and I know nearly the whole staff of the hospital here, including the Matron. She was in charge of nurses at Aberdeen Hospital in 1941. She knew Dr. MacTena and all the Doctors from New Glasgow and Trenton. Her name is Wilson. She was very pleased to find out I was from there and when she found out my name was Cameron she said: “A good Pictou Co. name.” There are quite a few nurses from N.S. in here and they all call in for a visit now and again. I have seen a few fellows from the Essex, but there aren’t many of the fellows I knew from the old gang still there. I asked them all about Aubery but they all say he isn’t there now so I can’t find out what happened to him. Sure wish I knew….

I sure hope Dad got a deer this year. If he didn’t I will buy him one when I get home. Hope they have a swell trip…. Gee, I sure wish I could get back to good old Canada for Christmas…. They just finished passing out the toast and jam for our little lunch before we go to bed. I am sure going to bed early since I got here—can’t stay up past ten now. The weather is still terrible and I guess it will remain this way and there won’t be any sun until next summer.…

All the best to the swellest folks a soldier ever had,

Lots of love to all,


  • Bill Marshall

    Deb-what an amazing find! Came upon this by accident and am now going to begin with first letter. Good job

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