Letters From Bill – Nov. 6, 1944

Quote No. H.Q. 405-C-24, 150 (Records -2)

Department of National Defence


Nov. 6, 1944

Mrs. Ida Cameron

Hopewell, Pictou Co.

Nova Scotia

F56192 Pte. CAMERON, Willard Gordon

Dear Madam:

I am directed to inform you that according to advice received from Overseas the above-mentioned member of the Canadian Army is en route to Canada on board a hospital ship.

On arrival, he will be dispatched to his home District Depot, unless a change is necessary due to medical or personal reasons. While no definite promise can be given regarding disembarkation leave, it is the general practice to grant leave provided personnel do not require immediate hospital treatment.

It is regretted that facilities do not permit you to proceed to port of disembarkation to meet the ship.

Yours truly,

[signature of J Normandeau, Capt.]


(C.L. Laurin) Colonel

Director of Records,

For Adjutant-General

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