Letters From Bill – Nov. 3, 1944

Dear Pte. Bill,

Well, we got a delightful surprise when we received your letter yesterday telling us of Hugh’s visit. It was a real surprise, after receiving one Tuesday. Aunt Florence said that if Hugh could find out about you and had been off he would certainly go to see you. He does look swell and is the same old Hugh. I laughed till I ached when he was telling us some of his experiences. He has had quite an exciting time. I told you after he was here that he was in the U.S. Merchant Marine, but you probably lost out on that letter. If possible I write three letters a week so you should get at least two out of three. They had a letter the other day from Howard telling about his visit to you. He says you are there but will eventually be OK. Do you think you are coming along all right? I hope so and am hoping you will soon be home.

I am so glad you told us about Lady Astor’s estate. I have read and heard a lot about her. There was a hospital on her estate during the First World War, if I remember rightly. It must be very interesting to see so many places. By the way, tell your nurse everything is OK on the Scotch Cake front. One case is on the way now and there will be another in my next box. Eight people rallied to my assistance so I am 14 pounds of sugar to the good and one pound of butter. I just mentioned that I didn’t have spare butter and sugar at that particular time. If I were mercenary, you know I could work quite a racket, but I still have a conscience, believe it or not. You aren’t supposed to take away loose coupons so they just handed over their ration books or the sugar itself. Ron and Helen were here Wednesday evening. He looks very well, was reporting back to Halifax yesterday and expects to be there or at Aldershot. He did not get his eye yet but expects to soon….

We still have that big hound we sent to you in the snaps…but he won’t stay home. The funny part is he never leaves here only to go to school with Jackie and down round the store. He is nice, but so darn big he fills the kitchen…. Will write over the weekend if I can find any news.

Write where you can.

Love as ever,


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