Month: February 2012

On This Date

On This Date – February 2012

FEBRUARY 1, 1944: Chinese forces attack in northern Burma at Taihpa. FEBRUARY 2, 1943: German forces surrender at Stalingrad. FEBRUARY 3, 1916: Fire destroys the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa. Only the library is saved. FEBRUARY 4, 1917: On the Western Front, German forces begin a calculated and large-scale withdrawal to the Hindenburg Line. FEBRUARY 5, 1994: Nearly 70 people are killed and approximately 200 others are wounded when a mortar bomb explodes in a busy market square in Sarajevo. FEBRUARY 6, 1943: His Majesty’s Canadian Ship Louisburg is one of eight Canadian corvettes accompanying a convoy en route to North Africa when she is struck by an aerial torpedo. The corvette sinks and nearly 40 men lose their lives. Forty-eight are rescued. FEB...

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