Letters From Bill – Sept. 27, 1944

Dear Mum, Dad, Sis and Jack the Commando,

Back again folks with some news which isn’t so good, at least it disappointed me. ….Today the Doctor told me I would be going back to my unit some time before too long. I can’t understand it myself, but I guess I didn’t do enough the first time. He said I would be here for another two weeks and then to a convalescent home. Don’t know how long I will be there but after that I go to the holding unit and from there to the Essex Scottish or wherever they want to send me. The Sisters can’t understand it, they say I should be home, but I guess it is Belgium for me. It looks like a fellow has to get killed or get both legs off before he gets out or I just don’t know the right people. I don’t mind going back if I have to but I thought I went through mine.  They told me I was going home and then they say I am going back to my unit. That is what is so darn disappointing.  Maybe I will have better luck next time. One thing, Jerry won’t get me the same way again, if I can help it.

I have one hope and this is it. Maj. Thomson, my old company commander is at the holding unit, the O.C. of C. Coy. He wrote me a letter and said that if I was ever going back that I wouldn’t get by him, so I am going to drop him a note. If I get there maybe he can do some good, at least it is a go. I think I have done my share and it’s time I started getting out of a few things. Fellows are going home all the time with broken arms and they don’t judge me as that bad. They can’t seem to think very much of a fellow.  Well such is life, but I was depending on Christmas dinner with you all.

I got my pay book today and I have $123.64 in it. Too bad I have to go back to France with all that….Guess I earned it the hard way.  For the life of me I can’t see how they expect me to carry a pack or anything else with this chest.  My wounds are still open so they must be a bit off.  I didn’t tell you folks but I also have a shrapnel wound on my leg and just at the side of my hip.  They are not serious but sore just the same.

…Well I guess this is all I have for this time and I am sorry that this letter does not bring better news. I will write as often as possible and you folks please keep those letters coming. Give my very best regards to everyone I know and keep praying.

All the best to the best folks, sister and brother a fellow ever had. Don’t give up hoping I may see you yet.

Lots of Love to All, Bill

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