Letters From Bill – Sept. 14, 1944

Dear Mum, Dad, Sis and Jack the Commando,

Really a swell day today with lots of mail and it makes it nice.… That box of Moirs chocolates sure is swell to look at, I haven’t opened them yet. Thanks ever so much folks.  I am coming along fine, but did have one setback a few days ago and they put me back to bed. However, I will be able to get up tomorrow…. Still have my tube, but am hoping.

Before I had to go back to bed the Doc, Maj. Whiteside, had me as his secretary, quite a job.  I would get in a wheelchair and follow him from patient to patient, taking bedside notes which he dictated as he dressed the wounds. Some of those words were really something and he was busy spelling.  The worst part was looking at the wounds, some being pretty bad. I really have a lot of fun with him. He is from the West so we argue quite a lot. Johnny was up to see me last night and it sure was good to see him. He isn’t so far from me, just the other side of London.  He was on leave again and went to Edinburgh and Aberdeen and he said he had a swell time. He sends you his very best. I had a letter from his folks just the other day and they wanted your address so I gave it to them. It takes me some time to write a letter. I get so tired so quick …. One thing for sure I won’t see any more action so don’t worry about that…. Saw my name in the Canada Weekly (Sept. 8th) as a casualty along with other Essex Scots. There were also some pictures of the Regt. on the parade in Dieppe. Can you get that magazine in Canada?  Well folks, I guess that is about all for now but will try to write some again. Keep those letters coming fast. I sure like to get ‘em. Give my best to everyone. All the best in the world to the best folks a fellow ever had.

Lots of Love, Bill

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