On This Date – January 2012

Rear-Admiral Walter D. Hose

Rear-Admiral Walter D. Hose

JANUARY 1, 1921: Rear-Admiral Walter Hose succeeds Admiral Charles Kingsmill as director of the Naval Staff.

JANUARY 2-6, 1945: After waiting for the solid dike country to freeze solid, 1st Canadian Corps launches well co-ordinated attacks on two strong German positions east of the Senio River in Italy.

JANUARY 7, 1955: Canadian Parliament’s opening ceremonies and Speech from the Throne are broadcast live via television for the first time.

JANUARY 8, 1944: Royal Canadian Navy corvette Camrose and Royal Navy frigate Bayntun share in the destruction of U-757 in the North Atlantic.

JANUARY 9, 1965: Four motorists are killed when an avalanche of rock crashes onto the Hope-Princeton Highway in British Columbia.

Canadian Delegation, League of Nations.

Canadian Delegation, League of Nations.

JANUARY 10, 1920: Canada becomes a founding member of the League of Nations.

JANUARY 11, 1998: Islamic extremists are blamed for the killing of more than 100 people in Algeria. The massacre marks a continuation of the violence that has gripped the northwest part of the country.

JANUARY 12, 1910: Prime Minister Wilfrid Laurier introduces his Naval Service Bill in the House of Commons, which calls for a Canadian navy to consist of five cruisers and six torpedo-boat destroyers.

JANUARY 13, 1993: Missile sites and aircraft command and control centres are targeted by British, French and U.S. fighter jets in a series of bombing raids over southern Iraq.

JANUARY 14, 1976: The T. Eaton Company announces it will stop publishing its catalogue.

JANUARY 15, 1973: Paris peace talks result in U.S. President Richard Nixon ordering a halt to U.S. bombing in North Vietnam. Air strikes continue against communist forces in South Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

JANUARY 16, 1991: The Persian Gulf War begins.

Canadian forces advancing from the Gustav Line to the Hitler Line.

Canadian forces advancing from the Gustav Line to the Hitler Line.

JANUARY 17, 1944: In Italy, 11th Canadian Infantry Brigade attacks well-prepared German Gustav Line defences along the Arielli River to prevent German units there from moving to face the main Allied offensive at Anzio and Cassino.

JANUARY 18, 1991: Scud missiles fired from Iraq hit the Israeli city of Tel Aviv and the Israeli seaport of Haifa. Early reports say casualties are light.

JANUARY 19, 1943: While escorting slow convoy MKS-6 from North Africa to the United Kingdom, the Canadian corvette HMCS Port Arthur picks up an asdic echo and then goes on the hunt, resulting in the sinking of Italian submarine Tritone.

HMCS Haida

HMCS Haida

JANUARY 20, 1944: Canadian warships Athabaskan, Haida and Iroquois participate in their first nighttime patrol of the English Channel. Part of the 10th Destroyer Flotilla, the destroyers participate in a series of offensive sweeps that help secure the Western Approaches to the Channel.

Soldiers going to the Boer War, Ottawa.

Soldiers going to the Boer War, Ottawa.

JANUARY 21, 1900: A second contingent of Canadian troops is bound for South Africa and the Boer War.

JANUARY 22, 1813: In Michigan, a British, Canadian and native force led by Colonel Henry Procter defeats an American force under Brigadier General James Winchester in the Battle of the River Raisin.

JANUARY 23, 1973: A peace deal with Vietnam is announced by American President Richard Nixon on nationwide television.

Honourable Hugh Guthrie, Leader of the Opposition.

Honourable Hugh Guthrie, Leader of the Opposition.

JANUARY 24, 1920: Hugh Guthrie is appointed Minister of Militia and Defence.

JANUARY 25, 1870: The Second Convention meets at Fort Garry to discuss the rights to be demanded from the Canadian government. Louis Riel becomes president of the provisional government.

JANUARY 26, 1924: The Canadian Red Ensign becomes the official flag to fly over Canadian government buildings in Canada and abroad.

JANUARY 27, 1945: The massive German concentration camp at Auschwitz is liberated by the Red Army. Situated in southwestern Poland, the camp is considered to be the most notorious of the Nazi death camps.

JANUARY 28, 1918: Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae, author of In Flanders Fields, dies of pneumonia and meningitis while commanding a Canadian General Hospital in France.

JANUARY 29, 1944: HMCS Huron acts as part of the destroyer escort for 17 ships of the Murmansk convoy JW-56B out of Scotland. After a week at sea, they cross paths with U-boats. U-956 fires three torpedoes at the escorts. A British destroyer and a U-boat are sunk. The convoy reaches Murmansk without loss to its merchant ships.

JANUARY 30, 1944: The Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment attacks the high ground above the Arielli Valley in Italy. There are heavy losses, but the attack succeeds in pinning enemy units in the sector.

JANUARY 31, 1923: The Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve is established.

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