Letters From Bill – May 29, 1944

December 30, 2011 by Dan Black

Dear Mum, Dad, Sis and Jack the Commando,

Guess you folks will be thinking I forgot all about you….the reason is I just can’t get the time to write.

The weather is swell lately, just the same as it is in July and August back home. Right now I have nothing on except my P.J. shorts and shoes and even now I am plenty warm. I should have a good tan or burn if I get a chance to be out in this for a while, like I am now. The fellows are really finding it hot, but I think it is better than too cold.…

I nearly fell over when I saw that can of chicken in the box. For a moment I thought I was seeing things. That has been put away and some day when things are really grim I will dig it out. It is the other fellow’s turn to get a box now so we are looking forward to a few more meals.

I guess you are right when you say Harry has changed a lot since he came over here. It is much wonder though there is hardly anything to do but go to the pubs and they sure are packed. I know a lot of fellows who never went near it but now they are regular customers. As for me I don’t find it at all difficult to stay away from them, although at times I do go in for a ginger beer. The fellows all tease me but so far I have won a lot of bets on it. There are lots who bet they could get me drunk and I always win out. They seem to be beginning to think I am right. I have stayed away from the stuff for 21 years and some of them were the hardest of all to pass but it gets just as easy to say no as yes. Jonsey visits the pubs quite often, but he was born over here and they drink it the same as tea so he is used to it. Aubery is about the same as I am, although he does have a few now and again. Hope Dad had a swell fishing trip and got a good catch. Don’t work too hard Mum and maybe by next spring I can help you with the house cleaning. Keep those letters and parcels coming and I will write as often as possible. Give my very best regards to everyone and hope to see you all soon.

All the best in the world to the swellest folks, sister and brother a fellow ever had.

Lots of Love to All.

Pte. Bill

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