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Month: December 2011

Letters From Bill

Letters From Bill – May 29, 1944

Dear Mum, Dad, Sis and Jack the Commando, Guess you folks will be thinking I forgot all about you….the reason is I just can’t get the time to write. The weather is swell lately, just the same as it is in July and August back home. Right now I have nothing on except my P.J. shorts and shoes and even now I am plenty warm. I should have a good tan or burn if I get a chance to be out in this for a while, like I am now. The fellows are really finding it hot, but I think it is better than too cold.… I nearly fell over when I saw that can of chicken in the box. For a moment I thought I was seeing things. That has been put away and some day when things are really grim I will dig it out. It is the other fellow’s turn to get a box now so we are looking forward to a few more meals. I guess you ar...
Letters From Bill

Letters From Bill – May 9, 1944

Dear Mom, Dad, Sis and Jack the Commando, Have a few minutes to myself and so am going to make the most of it, but haven’t  the slightest idea what is going to be in this. It is almost a week since I last wrote but it sure isn’t my fault folks…. Your mail is coming in real well now and I received the parcel with the toothbrush, mirror, etc. Thanks a million folks, it was sure a treat and those bars were a sweet meal after being so long without them. I also got the three hundred cigs and thousand you and Jack sent Mum, so have been really lucky. Guess I will smoke for a while at least. Mum I want to apologize for not sending a cable and flowers for Mother’s Day. I had full intentions of doing that but…was in a position where it was impossible. I sure didn’t forget it and I hope it was a p...

Health File

Tips For Common Canadian Conditions At some point in life everyone experiences acute pain from broken bones, wrenched joints, burns, sports injuries, childbirth, illness or medical procedures. About 20 per cent of Canadians also live with chronic pain, and that percentage climbs as we age. Statistics Canada has reported that 27 per cent of seniors living on their own and 38 per cent of those in health institutions live with chronic pain. Health professionals are calling for development of a national pain strategy that would guide health-care workers, patients and their families. This national plan, to be discussed at the 2012 Canadian Pain Summit in Ottawa, will address better assessment and treatment of pain, guidelines for pain management, education of professionals and patient...

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