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Day: November 28, 2011

Letters From Bill

Letters From Bill – Friday, Feb. 25, 1944

Dear Mum, Dad, Sis and Jack the Commando: Well we certainly have been having some fun all this week and they were all in the shape of air raids. So far we have had six raids in five nights and Jerry was over yesterday morning but he wasn’t long taking for home when a couple of Spits went after them. They usually come over between 11 and two and stay a half hour or more sometimes much more.  No doubt you have seen in the papers about the raids. Well, they were not small ones. You see we are right between London and the coast and there sure is a lot of banging around us.  Last night they brought down nine and we counted four of them. Boy it really gives a fellow a thrill when you see one getting hit and coming down in flames. You wouldn’t believe so many shells could be put up in the sky a...
In The Shadow Of War
Home Front

In The Shadow Of War

Nadia Jarvis was nine years old in September 1939. Her parents, Ukrainian immigrants by the name of Peter and Anastasia BosHuck, owned the Venice Cafe on a busy street in downtown Saskatoon and the family lived in a second-floor apartment above the restaurant. Young Nadia had spent her summer holiday roaming back alleys and playing games in vacant lots with the children of the blacksmith, the grocer, the barber and others in the neighbourhood. She had no idea the world was on the brink of the biggest and deadliest military conflict in human history until one afternoon in early September. Suddenly, her tranquil life was upended by newsboys racing up and down the street brandishing hastily printed editions of the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix and screaming—at the top of their lungs—Extra! Extra...

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