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Month: October 2011


Veterans Ombudsman favours publicizing VRAB decisions

Veterans Ombudsman Guy Parent wants more transparency from the Veterans Review and Appeal Board and told the  Senate subcommittee on veterans affairs recently that he’d like to see board decisions publicized. Veterans can make better decisions about whether to proceed with their own appeals, he said, rating their own chances of success by comparing them with results of similar cases. The Ombudsman and VRAB have been exchanging communication on this issue for some time. A 2010 letter from the board  pointed out its obligations under the Privacy Act to Canadian Forces and R.C.M.P veterans.  VRAB issues about 7,000 decisions a year. Parent told senators he’s sure a way can be found to protect confidential personal information, yet communicate the substance of decisions in a way useful to v...
Letters From Bill

Letters From Bill – Nov. 29, 1943.

Dear Mum, Dad, Bette and Jack: …The registered parcel with the two pair of gloves arrived today and thanks a million.  The old fingers were beginning to get slightly cold in the mornings. Those fur-lined ones sure are swell and two officers saw them and at once offered me two pound ten shillings for them.  They were wasting their breath though because I wouldn’t sell them for love or money. I value those for sentimental reasons. Gloves like that just can’t be bought over here at all so I will have to keep them well hid…. I was rather disappointed when I found the ring wasn’t there. I remember Mother saying she would send it along with the gloves. I went through every one of the fingers expecting to find it there but no dice…. I really miss it and now I have no jewellery at all. So when y...
Letters From Bill

Letters From Bill – Nov. 21, 1943.

Dear Mum, Dad, Bette and Jack: …How are you feeling now Mum? I haven’t had any mail lately, but am hoping for the best. Bette said in her last letter you went to the hospital and you were feeling better. I sure hope you are well on the way to recovery now, and take good care of yourself. You better not forget my instructions Mum. It worries me when I don’t get mail, but there is nothing I can do. However, no news is good news. You take life easy Mum and get a maid and don’t forget to use my check. All your parcels arrived O.K. and they were swell. Every night we have some toast and cheese and is it ever good. I caught a cold on leave and the Vicks, etc. came in real handy.  Thanks a million for the parcels. I also got one from the Red Cross so will have to write a note of thanks. There w...

Information abounds on 1812 Bicentennial events

A web tour reveals a lot of people have done a lot of thinking about how best to commemorate the War of 1812 -- and the friendship that has since blossomed between Canada and the United States. Communities on both sides of the border have events planned over the next three years--re-enactments, exhibits, new museum displays, conferences--even workshops for those who want to make their own costumes and take part in events. Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ont., gives an open invitation to  participate in events. The Niagara 1812 Legacy Council website has a list of events planned over the next three years, history of the war and for those who want to visit battlefields, forts, historic sites and museums, a handy planner for five self-guided history tours through the region. The Offi...
Letters From Bill

Letters From Bill – Nov. 16, 1943.

Dear Mum, Dad, Bette and Jack: Well folks here I am back in camp again after ten days leave. I really had a good leave and it was a swell change. Mum, how is everything now? I am worried about you and can’t seem to figure out what is wrong. You going to the hospital and all that really got me down. I worried all during my leave about that. I sure hope you are well on the way to recovery Mum and for God’s sake take it easy…. I met a swell chap on leave by the name of Johnny. He is from Saskatchewan and really a swell egg. He doesn’t drink and those fellows are rare over here so we got along swell. We never did get out of Edinburgh, but guess it can’t be helped. I never did so much travelling before; we saw everything that was to be seen. It is forbidden to walk across the Forth Bridge but...

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