Reader’s Quiz Answers

September 19, 2011 by Legion Magazine

Here are the answers to our Readers’ Quiz in the September/October 2011 issue of Legion Magazine.

  1. An attestation paper was the document a recruit signed to serve in the First World War. Attestation papers give the recruit’s name, age, description, parents and place of enlistment.
  2. When Prince William and Catherine Middleton married in April they were bestowed with the titles the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.
  3. Alberta and Saskatchewan became provinces of the Dominion of Canada in 1905.
  4. The Gumboot Navy was a nickname for the Fisherman’s Naval Reserve, formed in 1938 consisting of British Columbia fishing boats and their crews of European extraction.
  5. Canada was part of the International Control Commissions for Vietnam. Cambodia and Laos in the 1950s.
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