Letters From Bill – May 27, 1943.

September 5, 2011 by Jason Duprau

Dear Mum, Dad and Jack:


…The first day we were here they told us what we could write and what not to

write and I figured it would be “Hello and Goodbye”.


Since coming here everything is going fine and I sure am hoping it keeps up that

way. The weather is swell here, it is true that it rains some but it is real nice. I imagine

the weather here is about a month ahead of N.S. The English roses are all in bloom and

the leaves out. The countryside is really swell and I’ve never seen any place so clean. Not

just one place but every place is just like our parks. We all took notice of that on the train

but so far have had no chance of seeing it otherwise since arriving in camp. Every spare

foot of ground is filled with lettuce or something. For all it is so pretty, they can send me

back to good old Canada anytime.


The meals over here are like home compared to Barriefield. By that I don’t mean

they are perfect but remember what they were like at Barriefield. We don’t get all we

could stand but what we get is good. They say butter is rationed but we get just as much

here as in Canada. The thing I miss the most is the meat, there is very little of that seen

and I would give anything for a chicken or steak. I had a feed of fish and chips at the

canteen and they really go good about nine o’clock. Don’t faint when I say fish, I’m a

real Herring Choker now; eat every kind of fish going. When you send a box put in what

you want, I won’t ask for anything special. Whatever is the easiest and what you think

will last the longest.


Besides eats, I want you to send some “Lifebuoy Shaving Soap” and “Pepsodent

Tooth Powder”. I can’t get either over here and I sure want the Tooth Powder. As for the

razor blades forget about them for awhile, I have enough for some time. Above all try and

get a mirror, there are none over here at all. If possible get one with some sort of a cover

or case so it won’t get broken so easily. We also have to shave in cold water and I love

that. So far I haven’t seen hot water since coming here….


How are you coming in school Jack? You better lead the class for me this year

or I won’t write. How about writing a letter now and then when you get my address?

Are you still fishing or have you started playing ball? I’ve played a couple of times since

I came here but just catching after supper. Speaking of fish, you should have seen the

whales, porpoises and turtles I saw on the way over. They are a little bigger than a trout.

Anyway, tell me what you are doing when you write….


Remember I want all the pictures I can get of you folks….They told us we were

not allowed to have cameras but we are. Was I mad. However, it is impossible to get

films over here but don’t you forget the pictures!


Well I guess that is all the news for now, will write again soon. Tell Willard

(Bill’s father) to grab his pen some evening instead of a rake. Hope you are all well and

things are going fine. Write often.


Lots of Love, Bill


Letter has no notation of receipt.

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