Letters From Bill – June 16, 1943.

September 12, 2011 by Dan Black

Dear Mum, Dad and Jack:

Yesterday was another swell day for mail. I got seven altogether, boy was I pleased….

Well “Ma” I guess I can say I am really in the Infantry now and by the looks of things here I stay. I think it is O.K. to say this at least they said we could. I am in the Essex Scottish Regiment, it is from Ontario. I tried to get in a Regiment from Nova Scotia but couldn’t, more of my luck in the Army. You should see me now, we have to wear those tam o’ shanters, boy do I look cute in them. By the way we need a flash for our hat badge and can’t get that over here.  They are a piece of plaid about six by six and are red and green. Should you be able to get me one please do and send it along. I wish I could send you a picture of me in my bonnet, you could really have a good laugh.

I can’t see Red this weekend after all the plans we had, another of my breaks in the Army.

Keith and I were separated at last. He was taken away from me this morning. He is going to be a butcher or cook as far as he knows. That is all I can say about it. I also lost Ian…so am all alone with a different bunch. I am the only one of the sixteen of us who went to Barriefield who came over here, except one but he is not with me. The rest are all in Canada, something wrong with them. Guess I was the only good man, ha ha! This is Keith’s pen so if you can’t make this out blame it on that.

I forgot mine in my hut and this one is scratchy….

I was glad to hear you had a nice Mother’s Day. Sorry I couldn’t be there Mum, maybe for the next one.…

It is very pretty here now Mum but I wouldn’t trade those two apple trees next to Colburns for all the rose beds in England. I wish I were there, especially in the summer. I didn’t realize what a swell time I had last summer but I do now, it was perfect. I’m not sorry I had such a good time now even if it was a little expensive, it was sure worth it. I see that now.

Don’t forget Mum the next time you write one of these to use up the other side of these flaps, every bit of space counts on one of these. The more news the better, I like it….

I think I will have to get a pair of kilts now that I am in a Scotch Regiment. They only cost $85 or so. How do you think I will look in kilts? They can’t be any worse than this bonnet I have on now. I will try to get a picture and send it to you.

When you write, give me all the news of the village and surroundings and give everyone my regards. I hope the grandparents are well and say hello. Tell Grandmother I am going to visit our kin in Scotland (if there are any there) the first chance I get. That should please her….

Well Mum, I don’t think there is any more news this time but I will write whenever I can.  Please keep the letters coming fast and the parcels whenever you can….The best of everything to you all and I hope it is not too long before I see you.  All of the best,

Lots of love,


Airmail received June 28, 1943

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