Letters From Bill – July 3, 1943.

September 21, 2011 by Dan Black

Dear Mum, Dad and Jack:

Well folks I thought I would write an ordinary letter to you just to break the monotony. I was wondering if these airmails I was writing are getting there any faster than the others would.  Very probably they are all going by sea but I hope not. I intend to write an airmail too but since I hit the jack-pot yesterday I will use this too. You see I got nineteen letters yesterday and was I ever surprised.…

One letter you wrote on the 24th of May. I was busy training in England that day. I didn’t know Dad, Jack and all the rest were out fishing that day, you can congratulate Jack on his fine catch. I bet he hollered and yelled when he pulled out an eel. Were you scared Jack?

It was a surprise to me when I heard Jack had the mumps. I thought he escaped them. In one letter you said he was still going strong but all the other kids had them. When I didn’t hear anymore about it I thought he pulled by without them. However, in another you said he was back to school so I imagine he is all better. It is good to have them over with anyway. What did Bella think when you had the mumps Jack? I bet she was over every day to see how you were. I hear you were doing Grade 5 work in Murray’s room. How did you get along? You had better be at the head of the class or there will be trouble….

You said you had word on the 26th of May that another convoy arrived in Britain. That was very probably us since we got here on the 22nd….

Have you finished your housecleaning yet Mum? It is a bit heavy for you to do alone but it is hard to get any help. Hope you have it all done and didn’t over do it. One thing it won’t be a waste of time fixing up my room, it won’t look like a backyard two days afterwards. You put all my hockey gear away, thanks. I don’t think I will be needing it for awhile. I would like to have my skates but they would be too much bother. I hardly have room now for what I have.  One thing, if someone wants to buy any of that stuff, just brush them off, someday they will fit Jack and those skates are real good ones. Remember that chocolate I got on the seat of my suit pants when I was home on embarkation? If you haven’t already rub it off will you?…

About any box you plan on sending. The tooth powder, blades, shaving soap, etc. will come in real handy and I knew you would think of all that stuff. You can also send face soap and washing soap along if you can. So far I haven’t been able to get my washing machine installed. I would sure enjoy a chocolate cake so if you can get the recipe that Aunt Etta used send on along.…

How are you getting on with the meat rationing?  No doubt it is a big headache like all the rest of that stuff. I bet there will be a lot of people eating bologna now. I don’t imagine my ration would be sufficient for me but am used to eating dinner with a square inch of meat now.

I wish in future you wouldn’t speak about the meals you have, I near died of starvation.  If I saw a roll now I wouldn’t know what it was. Ours is all half brown, half white…. As for the trout, I can eat any kind of fish that should happen to come along now; I have to most of the time. I still don’t like it but if I swallow quick, it helps to fill me up….

Just in case you are wondering folks, I am in the 2nd Division as reinforcement. We wear a dark blue patch on our shoulders. So if you read anything about the 2nd Division you will know it is us….Don’t worry about me, Dad, I can look out for myself and if you mean what I think you do forget it. I have no intentions of going the wrong way.

Well folks, I guess that’s all for now. Thanks for everything. I sure appreciate it. Guess I’m a pretty lucky fellow to have folks like you. Don’t forget to write often please. Give my best to the grandparents and say hello to the rest. The best of everything to you all.

Lots of Love,


Letter has no notation of receipt.

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