Letters From Bill – June 6, 1943.

September 9, 2011 by Jason Duprau

Dear Mum, Dad and Jack:


…It gets tougher every day to try and find something to write about, I can’t tell

you half the things I want to. Someday I hope I can give you all the news but not while I

am over here.


There wasn’t any church parade this morning but believe it or not I was up at

seven. I wake up every morning at six now, just as if there was an alarm clock. If the

chance ever comes for me to be able to sleep to dinner time like I used too I’m doubtful

if I can. Another thing you will be surprised to hear Mum is that I eat about as much

for breakfast as Dad does. If I miss breakfast now I’m starved for the rest of the day.

The only trouble with that is there is nothing to get in between. When I was in Canada

I always had a chocolate bar in my pocket for the break but you know we can’t do that

over here. I don’t know what it is but I am hungry all the time. Don’t forget if you do

some baking make a little extra and send it along to me….


I can’t say anything about what I am doing. However, the training over here is

twice as stiff as in Canada and they sure don’t spare the horses on us. So far I haven’t

gained any or don’t think I lost.


I sure wish I had brought Jack’s camera so I could send you a few pictures of

myself, the old churches but can’t do it. We are allowed to have cameras but they have

to be registered. The only drawback is the films but I was thinking you could send some

along. They open any films coming over to make sure nothing is wrong but they are

not spoilt in any way. There are a couple of fellows with me who have them so I was

planning on getting the film number and sending you it so you could get a couple of

films. I think I can find a spot or two to take some pictures that won’t be harmful.

This daft money is starting to make a little sense now but at first it sure was a

headache. It is still daft and doesn’t come up to the Canadian money. I can’t figure out

why they don’t count in fives and tens instead of threes sixes and twelves. Every time

you buy anything you get a handful of coppers back. They will gyp the eyes right out

of us over here if we are not careful, why I don’t know. So far I haven’t been anywhere

but the boys who have told me you really have to keep your eyes open all the time. We

don’t get very much money anyway so that makes it worse. We get two pounds every

pay day, that is about $9.94 and a pound over here is just like two dollars or less at home.

However, I don’t go anywhere so guess I can squeeze by O.K.


I was just down to the Post Office and had another letter from Red. It sure is swell

to get mail from someone. He told me he didn’t get any mail for a month and a half so

that made me a little blue…. He said to tell you to write with the blue airmail as much as

possible because he found them quicker than any other. They cost ten cents from Canada

but I wish you would use them. If you can get any quantity please send some along as we

only get four a month.


There are quite a few canteens in camp and a couple of theatres. I don’t go to the

shows because they are all so old. Yesterday How Green was My Valley was on and I saw

that about a year ago. Perhaps in a little while there will be some later shows and if there

is I will go.


Well folks I guess that is all I can think of to write this time so had better close.

Don’t forget what I told you about school Jack and write a letter to me will you.

The best of everything to the grandparents from me, and say hello to the rest of

the folks. Lots of the best to you folks,


Love, Bill


Letter has no notation of receipt.

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