Letters From Bill – June 2, 1943.

September 7, 2011 by Jason Duprau

Dear Mum, Dad and Jack:


I managed to get hold of this form by a piece of luck so am sitting right down

to fill it out before it disappears. That is the only trouble over here, there are so many

fellows who take whatever is loose. I lost my pen and pencil set but one night I roamed

around the writing room and saw it in use. I wasn’t long claiming it and since two of the

fellows were with me to identify it, I wasn’t long getting it back. Boy I was plenty mad

and threw a scare into the fellow by threatening to have him up for offence, they allow

you to do what you want with that kind of fellow. They even cut your kit bag open and

steal cigs, etc.; a fellow has to have his eyes open.


Since my last letter things have been going same as ever, they are sure keeping

us jumping. Barriefield has nothing on this. But this is Infantry. I sure got a rotten deal

ever since I got in the Army and there is no way I can do anything about it. There is still a

chance I can improve my position but it looks pretty weak….


Last Sunday, Keith and I went for a walk and saw some very pretty sights. We

saw those monuments they have all over England, the old ones of Wellington, Cornwall,

etc. They are massive things, twice the size of any I saw in Canada, they seem to

specialize on those and churches. The country is sure nice but I can’t get onto all these

houses built the same and painted the same. I wonder if the inside of them are all alike, it

gets rather tiresome seeing the same ones all the time.…


We played a game of softball Monday night and won 6-4. It was lots of fun and it

was the first time I really enjoyed myself since coming here. We are going to have two a

week so that is going to be a help….


It seems to be such a darn long time since I had word from you folks and it

is three weeks but seems like three months. I sure hope I won’t have to go two more

without word. Probably by the time you get this, Jack will be all through school or just

about. Don’t forget Jack, I want you to be at the top of the class….


There are quite a few boys from Stellarton and New Glasgow [Nova Scotia] here

too but so far I haven’t met any I think you would know. From what they tell me and

from what I gathered the Limey soldiers have no love for us Canadians but can’t find out

the reason. Anyway I took notice that they always give us a wide distance whenever they



Guess this is about all I can crowd in this one so will close. Give my regards to

the grandparents and to all the rest. Hope you are all well and the best of everything to

you all. Write often please,


Lots of Love, Bill


Airmail received June 10, 1943.

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