Day: September 14, 2011

Letters From Bill

Letters From Bill – June 19, 1943.

Dear Mum, Dad and Jack: Here I am again, a little late but better late than never as they say. As you no doubt know I was writing every other night but I was so darn busy the last three days it wasn’t funny…. One thing about these is that the stamps are just as hard to get as the forms so don’t be surprised if it is written one day and not mailed until the next….  After this I will buy as many [stamps] as I can, or as many as this Army pay permits is more like it.… Well folks…I have been moved and am now in what they call “the field.” They said it was O.K. to say that so guess I won’t be court-martialled. We sleep in tents, eat in tents, have a shave in a tent and I am writing this in the tent. It is just like at the shore but just a little bit worse in a way. I am now in the Essex Scott...

Where Newfoundland Remembers

There is no living memory of what happened July 1, 1916, on the Beaumont Hamel battlefield in France, the day 801 members of the Newfoundland Regiment walked into a hailstorm of machine-gun bullets. History books record the facts and figures—it took only half an hour to decimate the regiment; only 68 answered roll call the next day. But there are those who mean to augment the dusty facts, to keep alive the memories of the Newfoundland townies and baymen, brothers, uncles, fathers and sons; the men and boys who volunteered to fight in the Great War—men like Leonard True Rendell who was 25 when he enlisted on Sept. 2, 1914. “If I am able to stand in front of you today, it’s in part because my great-grandfather Rendell and so many others, fought in the First World War,” explained An...

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