Letters From Bill – May 23, 1943.

Dear Mum, Dad and Jack:


Well here I am in England and it sure feels strange, in fact I hardly believe it and

no doubt it is the same for you folks. Had a very quiet trip across and wasn’t a bit sick.

Guess I should have been a sailor….


It doesn’t seem right that I am nearly 4,000 miles from home, but it is I guess.

The countryside is sure beautiful over here this time of year but give me good old Pictou

Co., N.S, any day. It may be a bit early to decide but I don’t think I like it here but I guess

I have to put up with it. Don’t forget to send cigs and boxes as both will be welcome.

I haven’t had a square meal since I was home…. Cigs are about thirty cents for ten over

here and they are English cigs. They are not near as good as ours. We are allowed 1,000

a month….


I sure saw some sights since I left home, I can’t tell you what but it sure is

something. Someday I hope to tell you about it…. The training is really tough I guess

so my letters may be fewer than before but I will write whenever I can. You remember I

thought we would be transferred, well I guess we are. I sure got used dirty in the Army,

no luck at all.…


Hope you are all in the best of health and say hello to the grandparents please.

Guess that is all for now so be sure to write lots and lots of letters please. The best of



Lots of Love, Bill


Airmail received June 5, 1943.