Day: August 30, 2011

Letters From Bill

Letters From Bill – May 23, 1943.

Dear Mum, Dad and Jack:   Well here I am in England and it sure feels strange, in fact I hardly believe it and no doubt it is the same for you folks. Had a very quiet trip across and wasn’t a bit sick. Guess I should have been a sailor….   It doesn’t seem right that I am nearly 4,000 miles from home, but it is I guess. The countryside is sure beautiful over here this time of year but give me good old Pictou Co., N.S, any day. It may be a bit early to decide but I don’t think I like it here but I guess I have to put up with it. Don’t forget to send cigs and boxes as both will be welcome. I haven’t had a square meal since I was home.... Cigs are about thirty cents for ten over here and they are English cigs. They are not near as good as ours. We are allowed 1,000 a mont...

Health File

A Jigsaw Puzzle Health and medical news seems to fly at us from every direction these days—rising disease rates; new tests or treatments; new risks; medical breakthroughs; the state of our health care system; a seemingly unending series of reports on new research and health trends. Health care today is like a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle—many interconnected pieces need to link up to build the complete picture. Health File is here to help put some of those pieces together so we can see the picture better. We’ll highlight news about health conditions affecting Canadians, new trends, Canadian and international research and medical breakthroughs, developments in the many agencies and government departments involved in public health. Here are some new pieces to fit into the puzzle. On...
Air Force

The Role Of The Boats: Air Force, Part 46

Air forces have long since relied on boats of one sort or another. They have been used to pluck downed aircrew from the sea, tow targets for air-gunner training and shuttle personnel, fuel, cargo and munitions to floatplanes and flying boats. I mprovisation was certainly relied upon during the years between the First and Second world wars. A Royal Canadian Air Force photographic detachment working in Manitoba, for example, was often assisted by civilians with rowboats or canoes. Sustained use of small boats eventually occurred at Ottawa, Dartmouth, N.S., and Jericho Beach (Vancouver), but as of August 1928 the RCAF owned only four boats: one motorboat and three rowboats. Other watercraft were leased or rented as required. In March 1929, the RCAF approached the Department of Mari...



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