Changes To The Canadian Forces Service Pin

July 5, 2011 by Legion Magazine

The Canadian Forces service pin has been awarded to eligible personnel at the time of their release since its introduction on Aug. 19, 1985. The CF service pin provides a means by which former members of the CF may be identified, and by which they are encouraged to continue their observance of the CF military ethos in civilian life.

All members of the CF who are in possession of the Canadian Forces Decoration (CD) at the time of their release from either the regular force or the reserve force are eligible to receive a CF service pin. The eligibility factors and the availability or the CF service pin in three categories remain unchanged:

• Bronze—in receipt of a CD at time of retirement;
• Silver—in receipt of a CD with a first clasp at time of retirement;
• Gold—in receipt of a CD with a second and subsequent clasps at time of retirement.

However, when a member component transfers from the regular force to the primary reserve or to the cadet organizations administration and training service (COATS), or to the Canadian Rangers (CR), the awarding of the CF service pin only takes place in cases where the member releases from the CF or the member transfers to the supplementary reserve or to the COATS inactive list. The same rule applies to a reserve force member on component transfer to the regular force, the COATS or the Rangers.

The introduction of the Depart With Dignity and Quality Of Life initiatives has prompted a review of the acknowledgement of service package. Alterations have already been made to improve the visual appeal of the wall mount certificate, and an upgrade to the CF service pin was also considered appropriate, given that appearance issues such as poor clasps, broken posts, and tarnishing of the finish have been reported.

CF members who are released on or after April 1, 2011, will be awarded the new CF service pin.

For those that would like to receive a new model replacement pin, applications shall be made using the application form for certificate of service which has been posted on the Legion website,, at Service Bureau/Medals Advisor. (Note: This form will be updated in the near future to include the cost details as replacement pins will not be issued without payment. The personal information in Part 1 is required in order to confirm entitlement and colour. Once research is completed the pin will be sent to the member’s home address.)

The replacement fee of $10.00 per pin shall be at the applicant’s expense. The maximum allowable order per person is two pins at a cost of $10.00 each. A cheque or money order must be made out to The Receiver General for Canada.

The application form and cheque/money order should be mailed to: Director Military Careers Administration 4, NDHQ, MGen George R. Pearkes Building, 101 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa, ON  K1A 0K2.

  • Demode

    There should also be a service pin for veterans who served less than 12 years in the Candian Forces. Basing it on CD time leaves a lot of ex-members out in the cold, as the CD is a long service medal. That is not fair. A veteran who was in for less than 12 years should also be recognized with a pin. What they should create is a CF “General Service Pin”.

  • Dave Hamilton

    I agree with Demode. A general service pin would be a good step forward towards the Government recognizing those who served Canada. Give it 3 levels of distinction (bronze = those that joined but were medically discharged prior to completion of basic training due to injury; silver = those who made it through basic but were discharged either during basic trades training due or during their initial term (3 years) due to injury, or upon completion of their initial contract; and; gold = those who served more than 3 years but less than 12 years. After all, even if a person was invalided out due to injuries in Basic Training, served 1 term of service or served less than 12 years, they still signed the contract to serve and, if need be, put their lives on the line.

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