Month: July 2011

Home Front

The Farmers' War

On April 14, 1941, federal agriculture minister James Gardiner delivered an urgent address to the nation’s farmers. His words were broadcast coast-to-coast by CBC Radio. Canada had been at war for nearly 20 months and Gardiner began by summarizing where things stood. The Allies were in the midst of a titanic and deadly struggle with Nazi Germany for control of the North Atlantic. They had to win, as British Prime Minister Winston Churchill had earlier warned, or totalitarianism would triumph over democracy, slavery over freedom, evil over good. “I do not come offering,” Gardiner declared, “I come asking. Asking that every Canadian dollar and every Canadian acre be made to yield its utmost toward the accomplishment of Churchill’s double purpose—the winning of the Battle of the Atlantic ...

Busy Barrhaven Branch Growing With The Community

Like the community itself, the Legion’s Barrhaven Branch has flourished in the past few years. From a new branch with the required 50 new members in 2005, the branch has more than doubled its space and increased its membership to 460 today. “We’ve never had a membership campaign,” said the branch’s lay chaplain and first president Ray Desjardins. “It has just been neighbour talking to neighbour and we’ve grown.” Barrhaven sits just outside Ottawa’s Greenbelt, a swath of mixed farm, recreational and conservation lands which keeps the city’s urban sprawl in check. It had been a rural part of the former city of Nepean before it and several other communities amalgamated with the city of Ottawa in 2001. It has grown quickly since the 1990s and had a population of 52,000 in the 2006 census...
Defence Today


Theatre Activation - Transport - Engineering - Communications - Health Services - Policing - Maintenance The days are long and sometimes crazy, but without them the Canadian Forces would not be able to operate overseas or at home. For the most part, the men and women filling these days—and nights—work behind the scenes and rarely get recognized for turning seemingly impossible tasks into reality. All of them fall under the umbrella of the Canadian Operational Support Command (CANOSCOM) and they have been extremely busy helping to close out Canada’s five-year combat mission in Afghanistan. A major part of their work in the wartorn country involves bringing soldiers and equipment home, a massive undertaking that began months ago—well before the decision was made to switch Canada’s ...

Concentration Wins The Darts Game

Darts is an infuriating game. What should be simple—throwing a steel-tipped projectile 2.37 metres into a cork target—is at times intricately, impossibly complex. Simply making the dart do what you want, when you want, repeatedly—this is harder than might be imagined. At least it is hard for most of us. Certain people—like the competitors at the 37th Legion Dominion Command Darts Championships, held May 13-15 at Col. Fred Tilston VC Branch in Aurora, Ont.—have pretty much mastered the complex skill of making the simple little dart do what you want. But yet, that’s not to say the tournament held no drama, because the pressure of competition makes the game even tougher. Competitors like Jim Long of Newbury, Ont., Branch have spent countless hours travelling to and from district, zone a...

Reader’s Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to our Readers’ Quiz in the July/August 2011 issue of Legion Magazine. British and Canadian troops were command by General Sir Douglas Haig during the 1916 Battle of the Somme. The Canadian Forces used the secretive Camp Mirage in the United Arab Emirates a staging base for supplying operations Afghanistan until 2010. Canada’s most important export to Great Britain during the First World War was wheat. A PIAT was a Projector, Infantry, Anti-Tank gun that fired an anti-tank rocket used during the Second World War. The last combat veteran of the First World War lived in Perth, Australia. He died May 5, 2011.

Victory In The Cards At Cribbage Championships

The 2011 Dominion Command Cribbage Championships, held at Chomedey Branch in Laval, Que., April 29-May 1, was a time for seconds. Two teams from Atlantic Canada each took home dominion trophies for the second time and it was the second time Chomedey Branch played host to the competition, after first doing so in 2002. The team from Marysville Branch in Fredericton took home the doubles title in 2011, following their win of the team competition in 2010. For the second time since 2005, Dermot Lee Memorial Branch in Riverhead, Nfld., won the team championship. “If you have one chance (to attend a dominion championship) in a lifetime, you’re more than happy,” said Roger LeBlanc of Marysville Branch. “We’re lucky to come, let alone two years in a row,” added his doubles partner Dean McLaug...

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