Day: June 5, 2011

Doug Bradford
War Art

Doug Bradford

Doug Bradford is a barber. He has been cutting hair for 50 years in his hometown of Sault Ste. Marie, Ont., and in his spare time he paints. He never went to art school. His only teacher was his mother, who loved art and encouraged all six of her children to sketch and paint. She must have been remarkable, since two of them, Doug and his brother Kenneth, paint well enough to have their work collected by the Canadian War Museum. Bradford’s art is lively and bright and his fat, wet brushwork bleeds into the paper, creating lovely rivers of colour. Watercolour is his specialty. “I like the freshness and the immediacy, but I still have a fear of putting the colours on too bright,” he mused. “I love doing all aspects, landscape scenery, still life, love painting people, and I just always...

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