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Day: April 15, 2011

Air Force

Dropping 'Fish': Air Force, Part 44

The Royal Canadian Air Force’s overseas experience with torpedo bombers differed greatly from the sporadic and often ineffective operations on the home front. Although the RCAF carried only one torpedo bomber squadron in its overseas Order of Battle, many Canadians flew with British squadrons in this role. The Royal Navy’s Fleet Air Arm entered the war with one obsolete torpedo bomber type in service, the Fairey Swordfish. Its replacement, the Fairey Albacore, was not much better. The Royal Air Force was in worse shape, having only a few Vickers Vildebeest torpedo bombers. Two British-based squadrons exchanged these relics for Beauforts in 1940, but the old biplanes soldiered on at Imperial outposts. Vildebeest aircraft formed the main torpedo bomber defences in Singapore before ...

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