Month: August 2010


Complex And Troubled Years: Navy, Part 40

The war at sea in 1942 pulled Canada’s small-ship navy in several directions simultaneously. The importance of the Royal Canadian Navy’s contribution to transatlantic convoy operations east of Newfoundland was confirmed in early 1942. As American destroyers drifted away to warmer climes, the RCN assumed responsibility for their escort duties in the northwest Atlantic. However, American preoccupation with the Pacific war and the spread of U-boat attacks to the eastern seaboard of North America also drew the fleet south, into the American coastal zone and as far as the Caribbean. And while this was happening, the U-boat fleet struck deep into Canadian waters, sinking ships within a few hundred miles of Quebec City. In the process, the RCN was stretched to the breaking point, making 1...

Closing Out The Italian Campaign: Army, Part 89

This is the last of a series of articles on Canada’s role in the Second World War Italian Campaign. The series began in the September/October 2005 issue of Legion Magazine, and all of the articles, with photos and sketch maps are available on this website. After five years of reading, archival research and three trips to study the ground over which the battles were fought, I continue to marvel at what our soldiers accomplished. From the bare mountains of central Sicily, through the Moro River and Ortona and on to the Liri Valley, the Gothic Line and the rivers of northern Italy, Canadian military forces faced extraordinary challenges, always attacking, always up against a determined, powerful enemy. There were no soft spots in the series of continuous fronts the soldiers encountered...
On This Date

On This Date – August 2010

1 AUGUST 1957 As the Cold War continues, Canada and the U.S. agree to pool operational control of  air defences. This leads to the creation of the North American Air Defence Command (Norad), later renamed North American Aerospace Defence Command. 2 AUGUST 1990 Iraq invades Kuwait. Canada responds quickly by sending a naval task group. 3 AUGUST 1978 The Queen opens the 11th Commonwealth Games in Edmonton. 4 AUGUST 1910 The former Royal Navy cruiser Rainbow is commissioned at Portsmouth, England, becoming the first ship of the Canadian navy. 4-5 AUGUST 1914 Britain sends ultimatum to Germany, demanding it withdraw its forces from neutral Belgium. The ultimatum, which expires at midnight Aug. 4, goes unanswered and Britain declares war on Germany. 6 AUGUST 1942...