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Month: August 2010


43rd Dominion Convention: The Delegates Decide

LEGEND Committee abbreviations: DEF—Defence; P&R—Poppy and Remembrance; R&A—Ritual and Awards; VSS—Veterans, Seniors, Service. Government abbreviations: CF—Canadian Forces; DND—Department of National Defence; VAC—Veterans Affairs Canada. Legislation: NVC—New Veterans Charter; SISIP—Service Income Security Insurance Plan; VIP—Veterans Independence Program. *Denotes non-concurred resolution brought back to the floor by a command and approved by convention. DOMINION EXECUTIVE COUNCIL 1. (QUE; NS/NUNAVUT)—Directs Legion to petition federal government for statutory holiday on Feb. 15 to be known as Canada Flag Day. VETERANS, SERVICE AND SENIORS GENERAL 2. (VSS)—Urges federal government to declare Vimy Ridge Day (April 9) a national federal holiday. 3. (VSS)—Ask...

43rd Dominion Convention: Birthplace Of The Legion

On Saturday, June 12th, at just the right moment, the rain stopped on Smith Street. The dignitaries—most wearing blue blazers—filed out from under the awning, and then the sun was distantly there, sending a glow over Winnipeg’s Marlborough Hotel, birthplace of The Royal Canadian Legion. Many took their place onstage, including Veterans Affairs Minister Jean-Pierre Blackburn and Legion Dominion President Wilf Edmond, while a crowd filled the recently wet seats surrounding the podium. It was 85 years ago—in the aftermath of the First World War—when Canada’s fledgling veterans’ organizations came together in November 1925, at Winnipeg’s most vaunted hotel. And in a moment of inspired unity, they agreed to create the Canadian Legion of the British Empire Service League. “The war had ...

43rd Dominion Convention: Leading The Team

Dominion president Pat Varga, a Royal Canadian Navy veteran, is a life member at Coleville, Sask., Branch. She has served on Dominion Executive Council since 1997 and on many national committees, including veterans, service and seniors, Royal Commonwealth Ex-Services League (RCEL), youth, leadership and development, poppy and remembrance, public relations and was recently the chairman of the dominion sports committee. She is currently chairman of veterans, services and seniors, RCEL, and the dominion convention committees, as well as vice-chairman of finance/budget, and investment committees and sits as a member of the veterans’ consultation group. She is also a surveyor with the Long-term Care Surveyor Program. Retired from her career as director of administration at Carlton Trail ...

Health File

Got A Food Craving? Imagine This… Anyone who’s ever had a food craving knows how it can blot out the rest of the world. You want chocolate. You imagine the glisten on the surface, the crunch as you take a bite, the velvety texture on your tongue, the sweetness, the aroma…soon you can hardly think of anything else. You’re not alone. It turns out that when we crave a specific food, we trigger the areas of the brain involved in sensing sight, smell, taste, sound and touch. The pleasure centre in the brain is stimulated. Our brains become preoccupied with the image, so much so they have trouble doing other things at the same time. Clever Australian researchers have turned this fact on its head to come up with a new way to curtail cravings. Experiments showed volunteers could curb th...
Air Force

Arctic Investigations: Air Force, Part 40

“It is considered that North West Air Command should examine the Northwest Territories in the interests of the safe and efficient conducting of air, land and sea rescue operations in the future. Such action is considered to be in line with the recent Cabinet Decision that the RCAF is to be responsible for the co-ordination of all air, land and sea rescue.” So began Operation Order No. 207, dated Feb. 21, 1946, a directive from Air Force Headquarters to North West Air Command (NWAC) for a study of potential air/sea rescue bases throughout the N.W.T. It was to be a shoestring affair. The NWAC was told it would have to use its own resources and that some supplies would be available at bases vacated by American forces. No additional navigational aids would be forthcoming, however, and m...

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