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Month: July 2010


Easterners Sweep Darts Tournament

It was a display of Eastern Canadian dominance at this year’s Royal Canadian Legion Dominion Darts Championships, held May 7-10 at F.E. Butler Branch in Chester, N.S. The tourney began on Saturday morning with a brief piper-led parade around the branch before the ceremony started at the cenotaph in the lower parking lot. President Marion Fryday-Cook read the Act of Remembrance. Dominion representative Ed Pigeau, the vice-chairman of the Dominion Command Sports Committee and Ontario Command president, placed a wreath. The darts soon began flying across the branch’s upper hall as the doubles competition began. While last year’s winning team was from Ontario, that didn’t stop the East Coast teams from mounting an early charge. The Newfoundland and Labrador team of John Anderson and R...
This Land Of Verse
Choose our cover, O Canada

This Land Of Verse

Canada is a large, rough country. It took tough, determined men and women to explore it, map it and give it place names. But when it came to defining the country in the minds of its citizens, it took artists, painters, novelists and poets. For Canada’s early English-language poets, they had the classics of literature to draw their skill from, but when they came to describing this land, it was new. No one had written about it before. Many doubted that anyone would ever write about it. But as Confederation became a reality and the railway began to unite the scattered populations of the country, so poets began to write about Canada. Although they were very much under the influence of the established poets in Britain and the United States, many found it refreshing to choose subjects ...

Cribbage Titles Stay In The Maritimes

The tides were in the home team’s favour April 23-25, as the Dominion Command Cribbage Championships turned into a Maritime sweep for cribbage players from across Canada meeting at Sussex, N.B., Branch. Prince Edward Island won the singles competition while Nova Scotia won the doubles and the host province, New Brunswick, took the all-important team title in a gruelling three-way contest with Nova Scotia and British Columbia. For the New Brunswick team of Paul Calhoun, Carl Nash, Roger LeBlanc and Dean McLaughlin of Marysville Branch in Fredericton, it was a sweet victory. Calhoun and Nash had been part of the team representing New Brunswick last year at the dominion tournament in Aldergrove, B.C. They finished a close  second to the winning P.E.I. team. “I told the boys we were c...
Defence Today

Assignment Arabian Sea: At Sea And The War On Terror – Part 2

Stalker On The Prowl Roughly one hundred metres above the Gulf of Oman: cargo door open; all senses engaged. Shadows and human silhouettes against sunlit water; vibrations still typing rhythmic pattern up spine to neck; deep muffled engine and main rotor noise in helmet overlaid with sudden invite from 423 Squadron’s Captain Adam Power: “Would you like to come up and fly for awhile?” Immediate outward response: “Love to.” Less immediate, but more measured nonverbal response: “Is that really a good idea?” Disengage communications link and safety tether known as “the monkey tail”; squeeze past equipment and tactical co-ordinator Capt. Rene Laporte and co-pilot Capt. Elton Learning; climb into left front seat of Stalker, adjust seat and strap in; re-engage communications link and ...

Readers’ Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to our questions in the special Readers’ Quiz we had in our July/August issue dealing with poppies. John McCrae was serving in the medical corps as a doctor near Ypres, Belgium, during the Second Battles of Ypres when he wrote In Flanders Fields. Punch Magazine published In Flanders Fields anonymously on Dec. 8, 1915. Moina Michael who was living in New York during the First World War wrote We Shall Keep The Faith. Anna Guerin convinced Field Marshall Earl Haig that the manufacture of poppies could help raise funds for injured war veterans. The shops where poppies and other items were made by veterans were called Vetcraft Industries Ltd. The Royal Canadian Legion took over responsibility for the manufacturing of poppies when the federal government decided...

Princess Margriet Visits Legion house

Legion House in Kanata played host to a very special visitor May 11 as Princess Margriet of the Netherlands came to Dominion Command headquarters to plant a symbolic tree and pay her respects to the Canadian servicemen and women who helped to liberate her homeland 65 years ago. Princess Margriet and her husband, Professor Pieter van Vollenhoven, joined Dominion President Wilf Edmond in the ceremonial planting of the young London Planetree in Legion House’s front garden. “It is a real pleasure for me to have such a distinguished member of the Dutch royal family and her husband here today,” said Edmond, standing in front of the large crowd seated in the garden. “A few short years ago The Royal Canadian Legion accepted the honour of being godfather to Princess Margriet and Professor van...

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