NEW! Canadian Military History Trivia Challenge

Day: June 1, 2010

On This Date

On This Date – June 2010

1 JUNE, 1876 The Royal Military College opens at Kingston, Ont. 2 JUNE 1916 The 3rd Canadian Division is mauled by a German attack in the Ypres Salient. 3 JUNE 1989 Toronto’s Skydome is opened. 4 JUNE 1944 The Canadian and American First Special Service Force leads American troops into Rome. 5 JUNE 1944 Stormy weather forces the Allies to postpone the massive invasion of Normandy. 6 JUNE 1944 Operation Neptune—the assault phase of Operation Overlord—begins in the early hours. Allied paratroopers, including approximately 450 Canadians, jump from aircraft or land in gliders behind German coastal defences. By evening, the Canadians, who landed on Juno Beach, are further inland than any other allied force. Approximately 14,500 Canadians are landed on the beach by the...

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