Understanding The Charter

March 5, 2010 by Legion Magazine

We will highlight in this and coming Serving You columns information on the New Veterans Charter (NVC). Implemented in April 2006, the NVC offers job placement assistance, rehabilitation services, financial benefits, health services, education assistance and disability benefits to current or former members of the Canadian Forces (CF), including certain reservists.

Financial Benefits include the following:
• Earnings Loss (EL): a taxable monthly benefit that equals 75 per cent of gross pre-release salary, minus the sum of the monthly amounts of other income from prescribed sources. This can be provided on a temporary basis if the veteran is participating in an approved rehabilitation program, or until age 65, if deemed “Totally and Permanently Incapacitated” for the purpose of suitable employment, or until the day of the veteran’s non-service related death if the veteran has not reached age 65.
• Permanent Impairment Allowance (PIA): a taxable benefit to compensate for lost job opportunities due to injury;
• Supplementary Retirement Benefit (SRB): a taxable lump-sum payment payable at age 65, representing two per cent of the total Earnings Loss (EL) benefits that would have been payable to an eligible veteran or survivor without regard to any income offsets; and
• CF Income Support (CFIS): a non-taxable benefit available after applicant has completed rehabilitation and is deemed employable. A veteran must demonstrate that he/she is no longer eligible for EL benefits, meets the Canadian residency requirement, meets the criteria related to employment and job placement and is deemed eligible to receive CFIS benefits.

One may qualify for disability benefits under the NVC, if:
• He/she has a medical disability that is related to or aggravated by service and is applying for benefits after April 1, 2006:
• A CF member or veteran who served after April 1, 1947, other than the Korean War; and
• A survivor (some conditions apply).

One may qualify for Earnings Loss benefits if:
• A CF veteran who has a rehabilitation or vocational assistance plan developed; or
• The survivor (or orphan) of a CF member who dies due to a service-related injury or disease or a non-service related injury or disease aggravated by service.

One may qualify for Permanent Impairment Allowance if a CF veteran who has:
• A permanent and severe physical and/or mental impairment;
• A rehabilitation plan that is approved by Veterans Affairs Canada; and
• Received a disability award related to this impairment.

One may qualify for Supplementary Retirement Benefit if:
• A CF veteran who is totally and permanently incapacitated and no longer qualifies for EL benefits because he/she has reached the age of 65 or now has a suitable job; and
• A survivor of a CF member or veteran, based on specific eligibility criteria.

One may qualify for CF Income Support if:
• A CF Veteran who no longer qualifies for EL benefits and he/she has successfully completed the rehabilitation program, needs financial help because household income is insufficient to meet basic needs, resides in Canada and he/she is unable to find a suitable job.

Serving You is written by Legion command service officers. To reach a service officer call toll-free 1-877-534-4666, or consult a command website. For 3 years of archives, visit www.legionmagazine.com

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