Day: November 28, 2009

O Canada

Raising Steel

Danny Doyle grew up in the Brooklyn, N.Y., neighbourhood of Bay Ridge, the sixth of eight children of Newfoundland-born ironworker Fred Doyle. His father’s friends were mostly ironworkers and most were former Newfoundlanders who left home for New York in the middle of the last century. They said goodbye to a place of high un­employment and dismal prospects to risk life and limb raising the steel columns and beams that formed the frames of some of the New York’s most famous skyscrapers. These men earned good money, lived in the same sections of Brooklyn and frequently spent their off-hours together. “My dad played the accordion,” recalls the younger Doyle, “and he used to have the boys over on Saturday nights. They’d have a few drinks and start playing the music from back home.” F...