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  • Health File

    April 30, 2009 by Sharon Adams
      Video Games Keep The Mind Sharp Researchers have long known that constantly challenging the brain through things like learning a new language or taking up a musical instrument helps keep the brain sharper as we age. Now we can add playing video games to...
  • Winding Down Western Air Command: Air Force, Part 32

    April 25, 2009 by Hugh A. Halliday
    A Stranraer of No. 9 Sqdn. at Bella Bella, B.C. PHOTO: CANADIAN FORCES—PL9599 With the Japanese gone from the Aleutian Islands, the Royal Canadian Air Force’s Western Air Command began running down its combat role while increasing its emphasis on training and transportation. Long-range patrols...
  • Caught Between Powers: Navy, Part 32

    April 18, 2009 by Marc Milner
    British Prime Minister Winston Churchill (right) visits HMCS Assiniboine, August 1941. PHOTO: KEN BELL, NATIONAL DEFENCE/LIBRARY AND ARCHIVES CANADA—PA140559 The Newfoundland Escort Force’s baptism of fire in June 1941 marked the start of the Royal Canadian Navy’s formative experience. What became known as the North...
  • Battling Beyond The Gothic Line: Army, Part 81

    April 11, 2009 by Terry Copp
    Personnel from the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery near Cattolica, Italy, September 1944. PHOTO: SGT. ELLIS KERR, NATIONAL DEFENCE/LIBRARY AND ARCHIVES CANADA—PA193162 The strategic purpose of the Allied attack on the Gothic Line in Italy in August 1944 was to engage the enemy and prevent the...
  • Highway H2O

    April 4, 2009 by D'Arcy Jenish
    Construction of a diversion canal at Cornwall, Ont. PHOTO: LIBRARY AND ARCHIVES CANADA—C-022733 Jim Coke graduated from Montreal’s McGill University in 1953 with a degree in electrical engineering, worked for a year and in the spring of 1954 embarked on a backpacking tour of western...